In the future, a Mom (or Dad) with a question will sit down at their computer, type their question into Google, and be delighted to discover someone else has already asked it, and that other Moms and Dads have ranked the answers by helpfulness. They don't have to sign in to see the answer, or even to ask a follow up question or leave an answer of their own.

That is my vision. I invite you to help make it a reality.

As a new mom I naturally had a lot of questions. I read a lot of books before my daughter even arrived. I signed up for online forums for women who were expecting at the same time as me. I signed up for newsletters from websites that kept me informed of every detail as my baby developed. I talked to my doctor, my family, and my Mom friends.

Everyone was brimming with useful advice but I soon discovered that if you ask ten people you'll probably get ten different answers. I discovered the best answers and most helpful advice came from other Moms. After my daughter was born, I joined some weekly "mommy groups" in my area. These were helpful because by "polling" the group, you could get a sense of what was normal, what seemed to be working, and what wasn't.

There is a large amount of reading material available but it’s frequently out-of-date or one-sided. Books and online newsletters seem to speak with authority, but they rarely reference where they got their information, and sometimes you wonder if the author even has children of their own. While there are lots of forums available for Moms, I found simple questions could easily lead to off topic rants and personal attacks. Nobody wants to scroll through eight pages of discussion to find a useful answer to their question! Worse, I think the tone on these forums keep a lot of moms from asking their own questions. Moms (and Dads) need a place where they can get answers quickly while feeling safe to share their experiences. I knew there had to be a better way.

Moms4mom.com is a place where pregnant women, new, and experienced Moms and Dads can go to ask questions and share their experiences with other parents. Who knows better than another parent? Unlike typical forums, which list posts chronologically, moms4mom.com is based on new software (made popular by the StackOverflow website) that allows you to rate answers as helpful. The answers rated most helpful show up at the top of the page, just under the question. I envision moms4mom.com as an amalgamation of knowledge from books, other websites, and personal experience, all ranked by how helpful it is. The site is designed to be "search engine friendly", so someone who types a question into Google should see relevant answers on moms4mom.com close to the top of the list. This is a site built by parents for every parent.

This platform allows you to earn "reputation" based on the answers you provide and how helpful you are to the community. If you have higher reputation, you can help us make the site better by retagging questions (tags are like categories), flagging posts as inappropriate, and even editing or voting to close questions.

Do you want to know how it works?

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