Dads on Moms4mom

Are Dads welcome here?

Yes! Dads are welcome here.

When I envisioned this site, I was thinking about it from the perspective of a new Mom, full of questions, and at times feeling a little isolated. I discovered that talking with other Moms (family, neighbors, and other Moms I met through community groups) was really helpful. My goal with this site was to create a community where Moms like me could connect.

I have been pleasantly surprised that many Dads have also found this site useful and are choosing to participate. I feel this is unique when I compare it with my experience with other "baby" forums where Dads were probably welcome, but yet absent. I realize this unique community of Moms and Dads is a direct result of this software being based on StackOverflow, a popular question and answer website for computer programmers (which just happens to be a profession full of Dads).

One Dad, dave0, said "I'm glad we can be part of the community too. Many dads today are doing things that were traditionally 'mommy' tasks when our parents were raising us..." This is very true.

I want to clarify that Moms and Dads are welcome here, as are expectant Mothers and Fathers.

Are you going to change the name?

No, is too long. Besides, I think is catchy, and I already paid over $10 to register it for the whole year. If it makes you feel any better, Scott also registered and it redirects you back here. :)

Are you making any changes to the site to make it more "Dad Friendly"?

Nothing major. You may have noticed that the tagline for the site now reads "Because parents know best" rather than "Because moms know best". I'm also going to make some changes to the wording throughout the site to clarify that this is a site for Moms and Dads.