Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is moms4mom for Dads too?

Yes, absolutely!

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Any question about pregnancy, motherhood, fatherhood, babies, children and parenting is welcome. You may also ask questions about how to use the site, like How do I sign up for an OpenID? If you do ask a how-to question, then please tag it with the faq tag. That way all the how-to questions will show up here.

Please make your question detailed and specific and written clearly and simply.

When you ask a question, the software will automatically show you a list of similar questions. Please take a moment to see if someone else has asked (or even answered) the same question before posting your own. If you do end up posting a duplicate question, that is ok. Other Moms and Dads will probably add a comment to your question that points you, and other readers, to the earlier question just to be helpful.

It's also ok to answer your own question, even if you had an answer in mind before posting it, but just remember to phrase it in the form of a question.

What kinds of answers should I be giving here?

Be Courteous and Respectful

Treat others with the same respect you'd want them to show you. We want to foster a safe and inviting environment where people feel comfortable sharing knowledge and experiences. When answering questions, only make statements you can back up with an appropriate reference, or give personal experiences. Avoid statements based only on your opinion. We're all here to support each other. Be tolerant of others who may not know everything you know.

Be Honest

Vote misinformation down (make sure you leave a comment saying exactly what is incorrect and make sure to give a reference). If you have the reputation, edit the answer! If not, provide a better answer of your own!

Be Open-Minded

When it comes to pregnancy, parenting and children there is usually no "right" answer. At times there can be opposing theories and strategies that are both appropriate for different families. It is okay to disagree with someone as long as both sides are providing their own facts (references to other material and personal experiences) and avoiding opinions and personal attacks.

Avoid Excessive Self-Promotion

Moms4mom is about sharing useful, factual information. If you happen to have written a blog post that directly answers a question, it's ok to link to that, but please post a summary in your answer. Please don't promote a product or business if you're directly involved in it, unless someone asked a question specifically about it. Astroturfing is specifically prohibited.

What kinds of questions should I not ask here?

Don't ask questions that lead to arguments, heated discussions, or opinionated answers. Remember that most people who view this site will have typed a question into Google, are brought directly to one of these pages, and they just want an answer. There are lots of forums for moms out there, but this is not a forum. Although we realize that many topics associated with parenting carry some controversy, always be courteous and respectful. You can help to police the community by voting up helpful questions and answers or flagging inappropriate ones (requires 15 reputation), voting unhelpful posts down (100 reputation), vote to close a question (3000 reputation), and even delete closed questions (10,000 reputation).

Reputation? What's that?

You can ask and answer questions on without ever worrying about reputation, but... is run by you! If you want to help run and improve this site, you'll need reputation first. Reputation is kind of like how much the community trusts you. There is no mechanism in the software for administrators or moderators to "give" anyone reputation. Reputation is earned by convincing other Moms and Dads that you know what you're talking about.

It works like this: Let's say you ask a good question, or provide a helpful answer. Other people will vote it up: you earn 10 reputation. If someone asks an off-topic question or posts an incorrect or unhelpful answer, other people vote them down: lose 2 reputation. Reputation earning is capped at 200 per day (having one of your answers chosen as the accepted answer is immune to this cap).

As you collect reputation, gives you more tools to help build the content on this site.

Other Moms and Dads can edit my questions and answers?

You bet! isn't a discussion board or a blog. It's more like Wikipedia. Just like Wikipedia, most people who arrive here will have typed their question into a search engine. We need a way to keep the quality of the questions and answers high, and that means giving the most trusted members of the community the ability to merge questions, add up-to-date relevant information, or even just fix nagging typos and punctuation.

Don't believe it can work? Watch The Web as random acts of kindness by Jonathan Zittrain.

What is a community wiki?

When you ask a question, you have the option of making it a community wiki. Moderators also have the ability to force some questions to become a community wiki.

This is most useful for questions that are more like polls or lists. For instance, suppose your question is What are good things to take to the hospital when you're in labor? This question is on topic but there is no "right" answer. It makes more sense for everyone to contribute an item they found useful, and have the rest of the community vote those items up or down. Then the original question, or a designated answer (the accepted answer) can be edited to hold an ongoing list of the most useful items.

You only need 100 reputation to edit a community wiki, so a large proportion of the community can contribute.

Normally questions like these are very popular, and people vote a lot on all the answers they like, or even answers they find humorous. This would give people an incentive to only ask or answer "poll-like" questions because you could earn enormous reputation very quickly. To prevent this, community wiki posts have no effect on reputation.

Do I have to log in or create an account?

No. An anonymous person can ask questions or give answers. They just can't vote, comment or do anything else. It's very easy to register.

What are "tags"?

Think of tags as question categories. When you ask a question, you have to provide at least one tag for that question. Tags allow us to categorize questions (and show related questions) without forcing the categories into a hierarchy. You can tag one question toddler and food, another question toddler and toys, and a third question infant and food. You can then choose to ignore certain tags, like infant, but mark other tags as interesting, like food. In that case the site will start to show you more food questions and less infant questions.

What if I'm not satisfied with the answers?

First try editing your question, including documenting your own efforts at finding an answer.

Questions that are older than two days and don't have an accepted answer are eligible for a bounty. You can offer from 50 to 500 of your own reputation as a reward, and adds in another 50 reputation. Questions with a bounty are highlighted visually and they appear on the featured questions tab.

The bounty period lasts seven days. When you accept an answer, the author of that answer receives the bounty immediately, and this is permanent. If you don't accept an answer in 7 days, then the highest voted answer is automatically selected (but they only get half the bounty reward). Once you setup a question with a bounty, you can't get the reputation back.

Reputation earned via a bounty is immune to the 200 reputation daily cap.

Who owns the copyright for the information on

The site design and the logo is copyrighted by Tammy & Family Knowledge Inc., but the content (i.e. the questions and answers) is copyrighted by each individual contributor. All of the content is licensed under the creative commons attribution-share alike license which is the same license that Wikipedia uses. When someone asks a new question they are implicitly releasing the text of their question under that license, and anyone who adds to that work by editing it, or answering the question, are creating a derived work that must also be licensed under that same license. That is why we say that the content of this site is owned by the community.

How can I find out more information about

We maintain a question category called faq with how-to type questions and answers. If you want to discuss moms4mom with other community members, check out