So here is another bath time question. As I was observing my child taking a bath he started drinking the bath water (with a cup, which I took away), then he just bent down and drank the water directly out of the tub. I know that this is probably not very healthy but I can't stop him from doing this. He always does it, so gross! Has anyone else seen this with their child and is there any solutions to this ongoing problem? I hope so because I think it is nasty!!!

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My son (age 2.5 yrs) does this as well. I figure he's just thirsty, and get him clean drinking water in a sippy cup. If he insists on drinking the bathwater I tell him "if you do that again I will take you out of the bathtub", then I follow through. I find telling him the water is "yucky" or "gross" just makes him want to do it more.


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When I first saw my toddler do this, I just said "Yuck. That water is dirty. If you drink that, your tummy will ache." and didn't make a big fuss about it beyond that. He continued doing it a few more times, I warned him a few more times, and then he stopped it.

I know that he doesn't like getting sick. So, "you'll get sick" is a de-motivator that works on him.

If he was doing it to get attention, he soon saw that he wasn't going to get any. Because I said what I had to say to him about it (a few times) and ignored him after that.


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You make a great point here - if they're just doing as a way of getting attention, then continuing to make a big deal about it is only going to make the problem persist. After the initial couple of warnings, ignoring it is probably the best option.

(09 Oct '09, 14:40) Brandon

My child does this too - especially if there are bubbles in there - its very hard to stop. I don't encourage her but I don't think its going to do her too much damage either because I am using baby bath products. I am sure she will grow out of it soon enough.


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My 17 month old also does this and I used to get grossed out but I'm just happy he is learning how to use a cup. Maybe I should be discouraging him but it doesn't really bother me too much anymore.

If you are worried that he is drinking the bath water turn on the facet and let him drink that water. It is cleaner and he will probably like filling the cup up and pouring it back out.


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+1 Being grossed out is not the same as it being unhygienic. Even if they've piddled in the bath, the dilution rate is fairly homeopathic. And as you say, I'd rather have my daughter learning to drink out of a cup in the bath than at the table!

(07 Jan '10, 13:01) Benjol

My kids do this also! It grosses me out but there's nothing I can do. I've told them it's dirty water and it just makes them drink more. Once they start drinking it now I just take them out.


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