Our 2.5 y.o. daughter uses the potty at home very well. But she refuses to even sit on any potty that does not have her Dora potty seat on it - even at home. Her daycare center has small versions of a real potty, and she refuses to use them. Instead, she "holds it" as long as she can, and eventually wets her pants. Her teachers take her to the bathroom several times throughout the day, but she refuses to sit. I know she won't even consider using a public potty. I think she feels like she will fall-in without the potty seat. We obviously cannot have the potty seat with us everywhere we go. Any suggestions on how to get her to use a potty without it?

asked 09 Oct '09, 23:34

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If the child communicates well enough verbally to understand this, I would take her aside and tell her that the very next time she pees her pants you will take the Dora seat away, and she won't get it back until she pees on another potty. Then, follow through with it.

2 1/2 is borderline whether she'll be able to get the concept, though, but I think she should be able to understand this.


answered 10 Oct '09, 00:25

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If this succeeds: awesome. If it fails, don't enter into a battle of wills with a 2 1/2 year old over this. If they resist for a while, you could end up with a constipated toddler who experiences pain when trying to do what you're trying to convince them to do which could compromise your credibility in further toilet training.

(16 Oct '09, 17:04) Dinah

What if you give her Dora stickers if she sits on a different potty? Or maybe after she gets 10 stickers she gets a Dora toy or movie? If she's 2.5 she should understand that. My 2.5 year old wouldn't even sit on the potty...so at least she is going on 1 potty right now!


answered 10 Oct '09, 02:19

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