When I was first pregnant I told everyone that I would be able to tell if my kids were cute or not right away. I did think they were cute, BUT now looking back at pictures I realize they were not as cute as I thought they were. AND I do think my kids have gone through stages where they are not cute, then cute and so on. So do most parents think they can objectivly tell if their kid is cute at any present time? My husband and I disagree on this. :)

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I think that there is a scientific reason for why parents think their child is cuter than others. A baby must rely on their mother for survival the first few years which is why I believe a mother will think that her child is cuter than others. There needs to be a bond between mother and child for the child's survival

Also for the benefit of the survival of the child, babies tend to look like their fathers the first year. Way back in the day fathers had no way of knowing if the baby was really theirs so in order for them to feel a connection to their spawn the child needed to have facial characteristics that were similar to their father's.

I feel as though there is a reason for everything. Yes parents can be objective but I think that it is human nature for parents to believe that their child is cuter.


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Also, and this isn't to be gross, but baby animals are cute so they don't get eaten. I saw that on the Discovery channel.

(11 Oct '09, 16:53) MrChrister

A baby is likely to look like the parents (adoptions are an interesting question...) and if your baby looks similar to the person you've seen in the mirror all your life, you're going to have a natural preference for him/her. That look is "normal" to you.

Plus, ditto the previous answer


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There have been a quite few scientific studies of cuteness. I don't think there is overwhelming evidence for or against, but this paper cites a number of studies you may find interesting.

On page 1 of the paper:

If physical attractiveness was the only factor in child-adult relationships, unattractive children (especially unattractive boys) would suffer discriminatory treatment from adults. In regard to this, Adams and Lavoie (1975) suggested that when another factor was added to adults' evaluation criteria for children, the additional factor was more influential than physical attractiveness. For example, Leinbach and Fagot (1991) concluded that when the relationship between adults and children was close, the children's physical attractiveness had no influence. When adults interact with children, it is not only on the level of evaluation. Rather, since adults have the duty of child rearing, they feel emotions toward children. For example, Klaus and Kennell (1976/1982) suggested the existence of bonding. Klaus and Kennell defined bonding as a specific and enduring emotional tie that a parent forms with his or her newborn infant. In addition, Bowlby (1969) investigated the existence of attachment in the mother-infant and parent-infant relationship. According to Bowlby, attachment refers to the emotional bond that an infant forms with its primary caregiver. Many factors affect attachment behavior. Children's cuteness can be theorized to be one of them. It is also suggested that adults develop a special feeling for children when they have their own.


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I remember thinking my little man was so beautiful as a newborn, and now I look back and think...oh, he looked a bit like a little alien (and I say that with love). I also noticed how his hair didn't grow in so evenly at times. At the time, he was so handsome no matter what! And right now he's the cutest kid that ever was! ;-) I like to say I have love goggles on, and I see what I want to see. I also work with children and tend to think they are all adorable as well. So, it's not just their Mommies who believe they are perfect as well. I usually tend to agree!


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Do parents think they are objective about their kids cuteness? Almost always.

Can parents be objective about their kids cuteness? Almost never.

Just one of those paradoxes of parenthood.

Disclosure: My daughter was the most beautiful thing in the world when she was an infant. But somehow, all the pictures we took of her back then show her as all chubby and "face-scrunched" and not particularly cute at all. How did that happen? ;-) Thank goodness for polite friends and family who politely indulged our love-goggles.


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When a dad can look at his son and make jokes about how he looks like a Klingon from Star Trek, I have to say: Yes parents can be objective, but most aren't.

And yes I did meet a man who made jokes about how his son looked like a Klingon. The girl was cute, but the boy had a ridge on his forehead (they had twins).


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