Can anyone recommend good cd's to buy for a 6 month old baby? We have gone through the regular stuff that is available at walmart, target, baby's r us, etc. but not sure that the baby einstein stuff really works.

What we need is for our baby to listen and enjoy music to. Also any sleepy tunes cd recommendation would be nice.


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We have always made "mixed CD's" for our babies. We tried out several "baby" CD's and found we were annoyed listening to them ourselves. So we have made multiple CD's for certain things. We have a "sleep CD" that has slower songs (picks from Kenny G, Eva Cassidy, The Kry, Caedmon's Call, etc.) and then fun CD's of music we love, but screened of bad language (seems as though some great songs we love sometimes have a poor choice of words thrown in there). We have a huge variety that we have exposed our children to and they seem to really enjoy all types of music now.


answered 10 Oct '09, 06:54

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Sabrina, that is a great idea to have a mix of all the songs that you like, unfortunately my music tastes are in the extremes, maybe I will work with my wife to pick songs and let our son listen to them.Thanks.

(10 Oct '09, 13:38) Amit

Great idea! Love it!!

(10 Oct '09, 18:54) Melissa 1

There was some Jazz that we listened to prior to becoming parents, that we continued listening to and saw that our little one smiled everytime she heard it being played, so I would say you can be experimental as well with your own music as well.

We were given some CD's from the Putunmayo range. These were and still are wonderful. Putumayo Kids Music Cd's There is a great selection of music suitable for young children from all over the world.

One that is particularly good for sleep time is Dreamland and equally good also for you after a hard days parenting is The Most Soothing Lullabies in the Universe Cd.

As for other types of music, I think that classical music itself is also fine in its original form, and have personally never gone for the Baby versions of those Cd's.


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Putumayo also has two other "Dreamland" CDs: Celtic Dreamland and African Dreamland, both of which are great.

(11 Oct '09, 15:34) dave0

Thanks for mentioning that, I will check them out too! ( These collections are really great )

(11 Oct '09, 18:25) Emi

Have you seen the Rockabye Baby series?



answered 10 Oct '09, 17:10

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Wow thanks iainmh, now even I know the words to the songs and can sing them to my son :).

(11 Oct '09, 16:52) Amit

I think the Mozart Effect is not conclusive, but it certainly isn't bad to listen to classical music. I grew up with it. I also made the transition into classical piano training and a lifelong love of music.

My wife listened to contemporary Christian music growing up ("The Jesus Movement" and Jews For Jesus and the like).

Our daughter's gotten it all in her first four years: classical, Christian, jazz, Celtic, rock, Indian dance, the works.

Anything that doesn't scare the child is probably fine. Your own tastes are likely fine as well.

To answer your CD question, Martha Stewart Baby: Sleepytime is pleasant to listen to for both child and parent. We enjoyed it.


answered 10 Oct '09, 06:23

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mbhunter I absolutely agree with you that exposure to classical music is never going to hurt your childs's musical tastes or even otherwise. What I was trying to say was that the commercial pre-packaged stuff is what I have my doubts on. Thank you.

(10 Oct '09, 13:43) Amit

Some of the best music that we have found for our little ones is from KinderMusik. We always buy from our children's KinderMusik instructor, but you might be able to buy some cds through their website


answered 11 Oct '09, 03:22

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I would recommend "Quiet Time by Raffi" its great calming music and its not annoying to the parents.


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I will check it out thank you for the tip.

(10 Oct '09, 13:39) Amit

I have to disagree - Raffi is extremely annoying to this parent. :)

(12 Oct '09, 22:06) Emily

Our 6 month baby seems to be fascinated by Bach. He likes hearing the piano particularly. For CDs, he seems to respond most to selected keyboard concertos performed by David Fray (it's NOT sleepy music :) ).


answered 10 Oct '09, 13:50

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We just buy the cheap ones with lots of songs. All the suggestions for music are great, and the most important thing is to sing along and clap with your kid. Our daughter loves to dance.


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There is a series called "Babies Go" that is popular music in lullaby style. They have almost any popular artist you can think of. We have "Babies Go Elton John", "Bob Marley" and "The Beatles". My son loves them and they're perfect for putting him to sleep - especially when we're away from home and in unfamiliar surroundings. I ordered them from Amazon.


answered 18 Oct '09, 23:05

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A saw these while out shopping the other day and was wondering if they were any good. Thanks.

(19 Oct '09, 03:12) Tammy ♦♦

From my experience with younger siblings, nieces and nephews, the key thing is that you can stand repetition ad infinitum of whatever you play them, and you can't really tell what they will like.
One little sister demanded the Mr Blobby song be played constantly on every car journey, it still makes me wince to recall, whereas my little brother loved listening to The Black Album and Automatic for the People as a two year old, which was fine by me, not so much by my parents. Amusingly he now hates them both.


answered 10 Oct '09, 16:10

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Rich Seller
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