So our daughter can walk, but she prefers to crawl (because she can crawl faster than she can walk at the moment). If we stand her in the middle of the floor and step back a few steps, she will walk to us, and we give her positive reinforcement for it.

Does anyone have other suggestions on how we can encourage her to walk?

asked 10 Oct '09, 14:04

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Scott ♦♦
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I think it will only be a matter of time before she figures out it is easier to walk! That is what happened to our son and once he figured out that walking was easier, the crawling was over. I would continue to use positive reinforcement when she does walk and give her a little time and she will love walking!


answered 10 Oct '09, 18:53

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Melissa 1
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One thing I've learned is that every child has their own pace of development. If your child walks slowly, time and practice will make him walk normally, and then he will prefer walking. Let him get there at his own good time.

(10 Oct '09, 20:08) Yuval

Update - she really took to walking about 2 to 3 days after I posted this question, and never looked back! :)

(25 Oct '09, 01:34) Scott ♦♦

This is a great toy. You said she can walk already this toy helps with confidence in her walking. It is fun and the kids really love it. It really helped with my girls.


answered 10 Oct '09, 15:15

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Actually we have that one! :) She's just got to the point where she can "steer" it. We should try getting her to use it more.

(10 Oct '09, 15:42) Scott ♦♦

Try staying at her level?

Standing your toddler in the middle of the floor and taking a few steps back makes sense, but that makes me think that you're standing too.

Perhaps you could try sitting down, standing your toddler up, and scooting away from her while continuing to sit on the floor at her level. This worked for us, and we happened to catch our daughter's first steps (at 9 and a half months) on video:


answered 10 Oct '09, 15:51

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That's a cute video, yes I agree I think being at their level helps.

(11 Oct '09, 03:37) Sabrina

Give her something to carry - such as a couple apples. This will discourage/distract her from trying to hold onto something or putting her hands down on the floor.

Just like this


answered 30 Sep '10, 00:13

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My son started to walk more and crawl less after he found out about the hands-free function of walking. Also walking let him have a better view about his surroundings.

Possitive reinforcement is the way to go, but don't push her to do what you think she ought to do.

Don't worry, by the time she is 10 years old, she will be walking. And by the time she's 18, she will be crawling now and then, but's that's another story ;-)


answered 12 Oct '09, 10:27

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Huibert Gill
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In my experience it's best to let her do it at her own pace.

Believe me, when she starts walking you'll wish she was still crawling.


answered 14 Oct '09, 01:34

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