My daughter knows if I am standing or sitting in the rocking chair when I hold her. The problem is she crys and gets upset if I am not standing (she does it with Mom too)

I personally can't see why it matters to her, and truthfully she is growing out of the habit as she is getting older and likes to walk around more and more.

The question is... why? I spent a year with a sore back because the kid wouldn't let me sit down. She wanted to be held at night, but flipped a lid when I sat in the rocker.

asked 11 Oct '09, 16:52

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My 6 month old son also does something similar i.e. if we hold him and sit down he starts getting cranky, if we stand up and move he is all happy. I am looking for an answer too :).

(11 Oct '09, 17:07) Amit

When Tammy and I were out looking for baby stuff we came across a swing that would swing the baby side-to-side rather than forward and back. The marketing said it was more effective for calming them. It's interesting that if you are holding a child while standing, you probably swing side-to-side, whereas if you sit in a rocking chair, you are swinging front-to-back.

I wonder if it would be better trying to sit in a swiveling desk chair and rocking them.


answered 11 Oct '09, 17:15

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Great point :) Thinking back its true, our swivel chair in the office used to be a life saver.

(11 Oct '09, 18:47) Emi

My baby does the same thing. But, it the rocking chair vs. the exercise ball. The exercise ball usually is what she likes...She likes the bouncy motion we make when holding her on it. She liked us standing and rocking her when she was younger, but now loves the exercise ball....at least we can sit!!


answered 11 Oct '09, 17:51

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