Diaper bags have special baby features like bottle insulation and changing pads. We don't like the looks of these bags and would prefer a regular satchel or other bag. But we don't want to miss out on these features if they are useful.

Are the special baby features in diaper bags too good to pass up?

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As long as you are comfortably able to carry all the bits that you need, then in my opinion I don't belive you need to go for something that you do not like.

As an example, I just saw that this brand, BabyBjorn Diaper Bag which in my opinion was one of the nicer well designed diaper bags, has discontinued the line!

If you can get hold of a small changing mat and a travel size bottle insulator, then I think you could choose a bag/satchel of your choice.

The bag you end up with should;

  • be easy and comfortable to carry
  • have easy access
  • have several different comparents ( different storage areas for all bits and pieces )
  • be suitable to be carried by a male or female

answered 11 Oct '09, 19:27

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I also tend to use a reusable fabric shopping bag sometimes because it holds more so with 2 kids it's nice. The only downside is that it doesn't zip and it can tip over easily AND it is VERY disorganized because there are no pockets. I also tend to just use a large purse with multi pockets to stick extra clothes/food in. BUT, no matter where I go I always carry this compact AWESOME diaper bag by JJ Cole. I've had 4 different friends see me use it and go out and buy themselves one.

Here are the best features about it:

  1. It's small and fits inside a diaper bag or purse
  2. It's designed to attach to strollers, diaper bags, etc because of the snap handle
  3. When you are in a restaurant you don't have to take an entire diaper bag into the stall to change your baby (because there is no clean place to put it) and you use every part of it to help change your baby.
  4. Your friends will ask you where you got it!
  5. I've had it for almost 3 years and it still holds up well (I've even put the changing pad in the washing machine a few times.

answered 12 Oct '09, 04:09

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LIke the JJ Cole diaper bag, I have one myself!!

(12 Oct '09, 05:06) Melissa 1

All the pockets are nice for sorting this out and trying to keep it organized. But most of the time, I just toss stuff in a large purse or a messenger bag. The only diaper bag I regularly use is a backpack style one.


answered 11 Oct '09, 19:27

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We bought 3 different styles and ultimately we don't use any of them anymore. They are handy if you are travelling and need to get a lot of stuff organized but on a daily basis I prefer to use the reusable fabric shopping bags. I like these because when they inevitably get juice/milk spilled in them, get thrown up on, get covered in other various ick then I just throw them out and grab another one. The real diaper bags are handy because they keep everything compartmentalized but keeping them organized creates more work I find. To each his own.


answered 11 Oct '09, 19:45

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If you are worried at all about being a dad and walking around with some frilly oversized purse with a floral pattern, check out DadGear.com. They make some awesome looking bags that happen to accommodate diapers and baby gear.

Oh, and they have satchels

easter sun satchel


answered 13 Oct '09, 00:28

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Rob Allen
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Those are nice. I must admit that in certain circumstances the backpack style has proven more convenient though.

(13 Oct '09, 01:35) Scott ♦♦

@Scott, they have backpacks too. And the courier/messenger bags have a 3-point clippy thing to secure it in place if need be. I've been eyeing this site since we found out we were pregnant. Just haven't had the spare cash to pull the trigger on yet another bag.

(13 Oct '09, 13:29) Rob Allen

My children have reached the age where we no longer need to take tons of stuff with us, and we've "graduated" to a regular backpack. However, for the past few years we've had a "real" diaper bag. To be honest, we never really used the "diaper bag" features like the changing mat. The main convenience was that it is more wide than deep, making it easy to access everything.

Looking back I'm not quite sure I'd buy one again.


answered 15 Oct '09, 20:56

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I have used a variety of bags over the last year and a half. At first I had a diaper bag and then realized it just wasn't cute enough for me to carry around all the time (since it sort of became my purse as well). So I have found that any kind of cloth bag (I recently got a cloth handbag from the Gap which I love) works well as long as it has a least one zip up pocket so I can put my valuables in them. This is just what I have found that works best for me and as my child gets older, I do not have to bring as much stuff so I can carry a "cute" bag for a change :)!


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My sister-in-law got us a bag from Lands End....it is great. It came with a changing pad, and has big and small pockets all around the inside of the bag. Very easy to find everything.


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Our best solution has been the Ultimate Diaper Bag by Pottery Barn. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued, but you can find them on Ebay. I love the bottle/cup holders on each end - in a pinch you can even fit two sippy cups in each one - and it is easy to stash diapers in the easy-access open pockets inside. It stands up on its own, has a spacious interior for hats, extra clothes, etc. and the carrying strap is wide and comfortable.

I recommend this bag for people who have more than one young child and need to carry an assortment of items. I always carry two sizes of diapers, wipes, changing pad, three hats, at least one change of clothes, three sippy cups, a pacifier, a mini first aid kit, and hand sanitizer. And it all fits! :)

That said, when I go out with only one child, or for a VERY quick trip, I just throw a diaper and wipes in a cute (and small) tote bag. The type of bag you need really depends on how much you plan on carrying routinely.


answered 12 Oct '09, 21:54

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