I've been invited to a Greek Orthodox christening and dinner by a mother from my prenatal class. I would like to know what an appropriate gift is.

asked 11 Oct '09, 22:29

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Good question. You should try cross posting this over at http://www.acurioushome.com/ because one of their topics is "etiquette".

(12 Oct '09, 00:24) Scott ♦♦

As a lifelong gift and as a symbol for growing up, I offered to my nephew a baby tree. Of course parents have a garden.


answered 12 Oct '09, 08:03

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What a great idea, I hadn't thought of that...

(13 Oct '09, 02:47) Dan's Mum

I think it really depends on your religious beliefs. If you subscribe to the same faith as they do you could easily find an object of religious significance. If however you are of a different faith or not religious at all I would go with a cherished non religious keepsake. Some ideas might be a piece of jewelry, jewelry box, silver comb and mirror set, silver picture frame, etc. Birks has a wonderful selection of higher end baby keepsakes.


answered 13 Oct '09, 02:09

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Here are a few gifts that we received when our child was baptized: A little Bible with the child's name inscribed on it, a book called, "You are Special" by Max Lucado, there is always the Willow Tree Angels (they now have just child ones which are pretty cute), there are also little Baby Bible board books which my son still looks at and are pretty cute, and you can find picture frames either at a Hallmark or a Christian bookstore that say some kind of phrase or word on them. Good luck!


answered 12 Oct '09, 05:05

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