I have noticed that a few of my friends who have children about the same age as mine (21 months) have already started letting their child have a pillow in their crib and a heavier comforter. It makes me kind of nervous but then I have started to wander if it would be o.k. to add those items. Is there a certain age when it is o.k. to add a pillow and blanket to a child's bed/crib? Is this something that I should consider now or have any concerns about and is it necessary to sleep with a pillow so young?

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From the time they were old enough to roll over, my children each had a small blanket in the crib. My oldest didn't get a full pillow and blanket setup until we transitioned her out of her crib and into her "big girl bed" - around age 2.5. I think the pillow helped with that transition - it gave her a spot to focus on keeping her head so she wasn't roaming around the bed all night and potentially falling out.


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Like several people have already mentioned, Children, Youth and Women's Health Service (CYWHS) suggests avoiding pillows until the child has moved from a crib to a normal bed. They also state, "Once our shoulders are wider than our heads, most of us sleep more comfortably with a pillow."


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Has your little one ever napped in your bed recently and did she show any interest in your pillows? If so that could be a sign that she is almost ready for it.

We didn't have a pillow in our daughters crib but we did end up using a small childrens pillow once my husband realised that she would be more comfortable sleeping in our bed during times when she had a cold. (This was down to her head being elevated from our pillows, and that meant less congestion and easier breathing.)

We took the small pillow away once her cold subsided but she would ask to have the pillow back herself. So I can say that she began using a pillow full time at 24 months.

With regard to blankets, I think that it depends on where you live, and the climate and the temperature in her room. We started to using baby blankets that were light, and of course made of natural fibres and thin baby cotton sheets during warmer months, after she was a year old.


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My daughter is 19 months and she sleeps with blankets but no pillow yet.


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Our daughter has always slept with a blanket. First swaddled, which she was up until about 5 months. Then a light but warm blanket, and now she has a favorite she won't sleep without. I never understood how I was supposed to put her down in the cold Canadian winter without a blanket. So far she hasn't had a pillow, but she often bunches her up blanket and uses it as a pillow.

I have also wondered when it is appropriate to give them a pillow. I think at this stage she's still traveling around the crib, so my thought was maybe when her head stays in one general area all night?


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same with our 7-month old. He was swaddled until he outgrew swaddle blankets around 5 months. The sleep sacks just didn't cut it. He loves his blanket and looks for it when we put him down.

(12 Oct '09, 13:39) Rob Allen

I don't think there is going to be a magic age. I think you are just going to have to go out and get yourself a small, light pillow and give it a whirl once you feel confident that your child can move freely and get the hang of it. We are waiting until she goes into her big girl bed and for now she sleeps with no pillow and just in a fleece sleeper.


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We've used a pillow for my daughter from about 20 months. I don't think it is a problem because she can roll over and move about with little trouble.


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