I'm about to start interviewing potential daycares for my daughter and I am looking for some good questions to ask.

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asked 07 Sep '09, 13:58

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Tammy ♦♦
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  • Infant/caregiver ratio (in nyc it is 2/1)
  • What are their sick day policies?
  • What temperature do they consider a fever?
  • At what point do they call you to come get your child?
  • Where do they place sick children?
  • Are you notified if another child is ill?
  • Paid holidays?
  • What type of end of day report card will you receive? It should include diaper changes, feeding times and amounts, naps times, etc.
  • How do they warm breast milk?
  • How often do they go outside?
  • How many exits are there in case of emergency?
  • What floor are they on?
  • How many infants (under 2 years old) vs. toddlers are there?
  • Is there a nap schedule?
  • Does the parent provide diapers, wipes, food?
  • How long have the current children attended the day care?
  • Do you pay weekly, biweekly, monthly?
  • Are there late fees if you show up late to pick up your child?
  • What other possible fees are there?
  • Do they use white noise in the nap room?
  • How do they handle a screaming child?
  • Do the caregivers attend up to date seminars and classes? How many a year?
  • How often and when do they wipe down and clean all the toys and equipment?
  • Are there security measures in place so only you can pick up your child?
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answered 14 Sep '09, 17:32

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Liz H
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+1 for quantity!

(15 Sep '09, 00:26) DLCmommy

+1 Wow ... over the top answer. +10 if I could.

(07 Oct '09, 02:26) John MacIntyre

One of the most important questions to ask is their child/caregiver ratios. These may be different depending on the geographical region. The ratio for infants in Ontario is 3 to 1. For a home daycare you want to know how many children they care for and their ages. A Home Daycare can have 2 children under 2 and 3 children under 3 at any given time.

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answered 09 Sep '09, 03:03

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How long have each of the teachers been at the daycare? How late is the center open and what are the late fees ($1 per minute late is the norm in my area, so don't be surprised if its very high...) What are the procedures for if your child misbehaves or if your child is hit or injured? Do they have a waiting list? Are they closed on government holidays? What about on county school holidays or teacher workdays? If it's a daycare center, at what age will your child move into a new classroom? Do they have an open door policy and welcome parents to visit at any time? Especially if you'd like to stop by during lunch to check in or perhaps breastfeed.

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answered 21 Sep '09, 19:04

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Can I talk to some parents who already use this daycare?

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answered 23 Oct '09, 18:45

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Meg Stephenson
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very good suggestion

(23 Oct '09, 21:36) Tammy ♦♦

Make sure to find out what kinds of food is served. Also related to food:

  • How often would your child be exposed to treats or junk food?
  • If you child has allergies, how does the provider take care to prevent exposure?
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answered 10 Sep '09, 23:46

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