Lately my daughter has become VERY attached to her pijama's. I'm having a hard time trying to convince her to change her clothes in the morning especially if we are staying home all day. She is more willing if I tell her we're going in the car or outside, but on days when we have no where to go it's a fight to change her clothes. I usually just give in and let her stay in her pijama's, but I'd rather her wear play clothes. I'm looking for suggestions to get her to willingly want to change her clothes every morning without a fight. Oh and she's 2 1/2 years old...way too young to have these strong opinions on clothes right?!

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We have a daughter who loves staying at home and loves staying in her pajamas. She's 5 now but she's been this way for many years. What we do is let her if it's possible. She's happy and really there's no harm in it on occasion--it used to be more frequent but school's really put a crimp in pajama days.

For me, these sorts of things come down to an assessment of whether it's a fight worth doing. I use the following criteria (though not exclusively these criteria) when making a decision like this:

  1. Safety: if there's a danger attendant in allowing something, then it's probably not going to be allowed

  2. Annoyance: if the issue under question is really annoying to me, then it might be worth standing my ground

  3. Potential precedent: if giving in to my child's desire this time will lead to future carping, then it's less likely that I'll concede

In the pajama day circumstance, I couldn't see any harm in doing it and the frequency was naturally constrained by the inevitable errands and other outings that came along.


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I will keep your decision checklist in mind, thanks!

(13 Oct '09, 11:24) Huibert Gill

How about having "themed days" :)

My sisterinlaw would let the children have Pyjama days once a week, another day they could dress up in a costume of their choice, ( they had a costume box with many different costumes that they had accumulated ) after having washed after breakfast.

I tried it too and it really worked, additionally to this on some days I would encourage her to finish breakfast by saying "What are you going to wear today then? I wonder what you will choose?" I think I managed to make the whole process a bit more fun by giving her a box of hair bands and clips to choose from. After a while the choosing hairclips became more fun for her!

Yes, they can be quite head strong, and have strong opinions even at that age :)


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Our son is allmost 2, but from the beginning, pyjamas have been and "upstairs" and "bedroom only" thing. You want to go down, and have breakfast, then washup, brush teeth and change clothes. It's very simple, and it works (until now atleast).

Sometimes in the morning he stands on top of the stairs, pointing down, and then points at his pyjama, as if to say, "hey, get me into my clothes, I want to go down stairs." He also points at my pyjamas, and runs into the bedroom to point at my clothes. (Robin does not speak yet, so pointing an d saying HA, or HE? is the only option :-)


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My kids love their pjs also! About once a week I let them stay in them all day long. It's kind of relaxing sometimes! If they don't want out of their pjs I let them pick out their own clothes and it usually works. They do not match but they are in normal clothes!


answered 14 Oct '09, 12:58

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