I used to log in to m4m through moms4mom.stackexchange.com and now that URL redirects automatically to moms4mom.com. m4m no longer recognizes my old (now orphaned) account. What do I need to click to get the new account associated with the old one?

asked 14 Oct '09, 20:16

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First create a new registered user with your open ID on moms4mom. Please send me an email to scott {at} moms4mom.com with your old and new user names and I will give you some instructions. You will keep all your reputation.

More information: As you know the software is still in beta, and OpenID has been an issue all along. We've just had a software update today and the developers are working towards solving the problem. One of the problems causing a lot of headaches was that there were two URLs: moms4mom.stackexchange.com and moms4mom.com. Certain OpenID providers like Google only authorized access to one URL at a time, so that single OpenID would only work for one of the URLs. There were some work-arounds, but let's not kid ourselves: it's a pain.

The new software change means there's only one URL: moms4mom.com, and the moms4mom.stackexchange.com will redirect to moms4mom.com. That should help new users, but it's causing a temporary problem for existing users. We're sorry about this, and I will help all of you get through this shortly. Please hang in there!

Another side-effect is that our sitemap is apparently still giving out moms4mom.stackexchange.com URLs to Google for indexing, so we'll probably see a big drop-off in new traffic from Google for a while, but hopefully the next software update will fix that.


answered 14 Oct '09, 20:39

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