We have a friend whose 3 year old son was recently able to climb up, unlock his 2nd story bedroom window, open it, and fall out. Luckily he's going to be okay, but it really got us thinking about installing some sort of window guards (we have a 2 year old son ourselves, and a girl coming in December).

Doing some basic searching online, I'm finding many different types of window guards, ranging from just a simple wedge or block that you install in the window track, all the way up to bars that go all the way across the window. It seems to me that some of these guards would be dangerous in case of a fire, as it would take too long to remove them.

So I guess what I'm looking for are some recommendations from anyone who has installed window guards in their home. What type work best, and strike a good balance between securely keeping the window closed, and not being too difficult for an adult to remove in case of a fire?

asked 15 Oct '09, 14:41

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We have windows that are low to the ground and just put baby gates in the windows. They'd easily pull out in the event of a fire. They might not work for all windows though.


answered 15 Oct '09, 19:52

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We have not had to do this yet but good friends of ours simply installed a screw right into the track to stop the window from openning past a certain point. I think I will do the same when it comes time to baby proof the windows in our daughters room. I will have 2 drill holes and move the screw bi-annually - one that allows the window open an inch or two for winter and one that opens wider, maybe 3 or 4 inches in the summer. I don't like the idea of bars either in case of fire!


answered 15 Oct '09, 15:07

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But wouldn't the screw have the same drawback as the bars in case of a fire. A single screw would be relatively easy to remove, but unless you have a screwdriver handy, and with all the stress/excitement of trying to get everyone out during a fire, I'm not sure how easy it would be.

(15 Oct '09, 15:55) Brandon

You can always break a window in case of fire and get someone out - if you have bars you are still stuck.

(15 Oct '09, 17:43) dreamerisme
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