How do I mark my question as a community wiki? For that matter, what is a community wiki, and what do I use it for?

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asked 07 Sep '09, 15:20

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When you ask a question, just below the text where you enter the body of your question, there is a checkbox to mark it "community wiki". You just have to check that box.

Community wiki questions are great for questions where the answer is really a list of things, like What are some good ideas for baby shower gifts? When you ask questions like this, it's a good idea for everyone to answer with one idea, and then let the community vote each idea up or down. Then you can amalgamate the best ideas into a list in the question itself, or in an answer specifically designated to hold the list (just mark it as the accepted answer).

When you mark something as a community wiki, it only requires 200 reputation for someone to edit it (instead of 2000), and nobody receives or loses reputation for any voting on these questions or answers. This is to prevent people from asking these types of questions just to build reputation fast. If not marked as a community wiki by the question author, moderators will force a question like this to become a community wiki just to prevent this type of abuse.


answered 07 Sep '09, 15:20

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So for instance on the "What to pack to bring to the hospital" question. Most people listed several things (myself included). Were we supposed to just pick ONE item? That's such a hard thing for a female to do! hehe Although, it did seem to work well with the baby shower gift question because it was stated at the beginning to just pick one thing.

(19 Sep '09, 06:45) Sabrina

You could always post eight different answers, each with one item :)

(15 Jan '10, 15:57) Gaius

There's an entire site dedicated to questions about the engine that drives this site (called Stack Exchange). There's even a question about community wiki there.

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answered 30 Sep '09, 03:44

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