My son starts school in May. At present he goes to Kindy/Preschool 15 hours a week. This has some structured mat time but the majority is free play. Are there any things that I should be doing to prepare him for School?

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I'm not sure I agree that no preparation is needed. I know I didn't do any with my eldest and her younger siblings are finding it so much easier.

I think talking about it is helpful and there are some great books aimed at young children out there.

What I'd do if I were going through it with my eldest again: If at all possibly walk past the school frequently and point it out "look, that's your school where you'll be going soon". If he has a uniform he may like to try it out and play schools with you too. Take any opportunities the school offers you to go in the building with him and look around. If you know any other children who will be in his class arrange play dates as often as possible.


answered 13 Feb '11, 11:19

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There is a great analogy for "school readiness" from Bev Bos. It goes something like, "Trying to prepare a child for school is like using a walker when your 55 in order to 'prepare' for needing it when you're 70." You don't need to do anything to prepare your child for school, except make sure that he has as much fun and play as possible!


answered 08 Feb '11, 00:47

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I love maryanimals answer, but just thinking about what we've done, I would say talk about it....generally and matter of factly... maybe even talk about how you felt when you went to school (if you have good memories that is)


answered 11 Feb '11, 17:04

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