Our darling 11 month old boy is not eating anything from the wide range of foods we offer him apart from breadsticks. We've always offered him cooked food, and was a really good eater until he got a cold at 9 months. Since then he has had one week of eating normally, the rest of the time he refuses to let food near his mouth. He's dropped from 97th centile to 70th and there has been no breakthroughs on food save for breadsticks, tomato corn snacks and sometimes a slice of fresh banana in the morning, and a constant diet of mothers milk.

Should we let him eat as much of the snacky food as he wants? We wanted to give him a varied diet, but he's just not eating it at the moment. Should we cut down on milk feeds to make him hungry enough to eat again?

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Tammy ♦♦

These questions about picky-eaters may also be helpful to you -http://moms4mom.com/questions/306/picky-eater-help http://moms4mom.com/questions/5664/how-do-i-get-my-1-year-old-to-eat-vegetables

(10 Feb '11, 16:01) Tammy ♦♦

One thought that comes to mind is if you make your own breadsticks will he eat them if you put some pureed vegetables in them. I have made tomato and herb flavoured ones by substituting 1/2 C of liquid for tomato puree. It would also work with other vegetable puree.

My recipe for breadsticks is to make a basic pizza dough recipe. Instead of rolling the dough into a pizza base. I cut it strips about 2cm wide and 20 cm long. I then bake them at 150 C for about 30 -40 minutes.

You could also try offering him something to dip them into.

I also recomend trying some of the suggestions in the answers to the other questions quoted above.


answered 10 Feb '11, 16:56

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He loves these, thanks for the recepie

(08 Jul '11, 14:22) digiguru

I'm not an expert in this category- I have a somewhat picky 18 month old... But I do want to suggest trying what I do to get some nutrients in him (which luckily, your breastmilk provides a lot of too!). We give my son a spinach "smoothie" every day (and he is none-the-wiser!). You can buy a kid's spillproof cup with straw at most places you'd find your average sippy cup and then in your blender, blend:

1 cup of yogurt (any flavour, no aspertame) (ask your dr., but 11 months old should be ok to give yogurt)

1 banana

6 strawberries

1/2 cup homogonized milk (you can substitute fresh juice or breast milk instead, I suppose)

2 cups raw (washed) baby spinach leaves

You can even add your child's multivitamin drops in here, too

This should make 16-20 oz. of smoothie to last a few days. I have tried it myself and can honestly say that it is delicious- the banana and yogurt overwhelm the flavour and there is no spinach to be tasted!

We have gone through many weeks of ups and downs with food- quantity eaten as well as quality eaten have been points of contention in our parenting journey- but we have learned that you can't force your child to eat whatever he does not want to eat, so when in doubt BE SNEAKY! :) Good luck.


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+1 @DazedandConfused, sneaky is always good!

(11 Feb '11, 14:35) Neen

Is your doctor worried about his drop in percentiles? Both of my older boys did that when they were between 9 months and a year too (dropped from somewhere in the 90's to somewhere in the 70's), but it had nothing to do with what they were eating, it was because they had started crawling and using their large muscle groups and weren't just storing as much food energy anymore.

Technically, until babies are 12 months breast milk or formula provide all the nutition they need, so I wouldn't cut back on his milk feeds. What worked for me with my fussy one was to offer him whatever we were all eating for supper, and if he wasn't interested, oh well, he'll eat when he's hungry. (Which will be soon, he's starting to need more than just breast milk, and they won't starve themselves.)

I've always tried to keep meal times as calm and stress free as possible and just kept offering new things for them to try. (If I was worried I certainly didn't let them see it, the last thing I need is another button for my kids to push!)


answered 12 Feb '11, 10:20

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That's always how we approached it as well. If only healthy choices are available then they will eat what they want when they are hungry.

(12 Feb '11, 10:33) Tammy ♦♦

Absolutely agree about them getting all the nutrition they need from breastmilk at under 12 months. "Until they're one it's just for fun" was the byline of something about baby-led weaning I read.

(13 Feb '11, 11:10) Meg Stephenson
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