My baby has dry skin and he is not so fair, and I have a doubt that if we use 'olive oil' he skin will become darker, do you know if it can? Before when he is two months old I applied to him it made him darker, and then afterwards I stopped using it. He is six months old and has dry skin. Should I continue using the same oil or what shall I use. At present I am using coconut oil, we live in South India.

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Hello Varun, have you spoken with your sons doctor or dermatologist? Although I am a big fan of using Olive Oil I think you need to be careful about applying it and then exposing your baby to sunshine. If you don't a great choice of products suitable for sensitive or dry skin available then I would definitely consult a dermatologist who could advise bette how to protect your babys skin. I know that adding a few drops of oil ( olive or coconut ) to the bath will help leave his skin moister.

(13 Feb '11, 12:55) Emi

I think that you may find this question and the answers can be helpful for you.

(14 Feb '11, 07:03) Emi

thanks emi for giving me such a good idea.i will make sure to follow your idea.

(14 Feb '11, 12:09) varun

Olive oil never had that effect on my children. If you put the oil on and then take him outside in the sunshine it might fry his skin I suppose and so make his skin get darker in response by the normal tanning process. I don't think it's anything to do with the type of oil, just the putting in sunshine whilst there is oil on the skin. In Britain we don't have so much sun so it wasn't terribly difficult to avoid it, I assume there is plenty of sunshine in South India though. Perhaps it would be an idea to only put the oil on just before bedtime, so it's had time to be absorbed into the skin before he's next in the sunshine. Olive oil is slightly thicker than coconut oil, so would take longer to be absorbed I think.


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Meg Stephenson
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Good points Meg. I agree. Sun protection is also very important.

(13 Feb '11, 12:47) Emi

thank you for giving me good suggestion. i will follow your idea and thanks.

(14 Feb '11, 12:07) varun

My son has sensitive skin as well and we massage him with olive oil every evening and then give him a warm water bath. It seems to work fine for him. His doctor suggested that we stop using soaps on him as they might dry out his skin further. He is almost a year old now and I've been doing the olive oil massage on him followed by a bath since he was a month old. In the winter months, I even hydrate his skin with olive oil after the bath too.

Hope this helps.


answered 28 Feb '11, 20:17

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