It has been several weeks now that my daughter has had a wobbly front tooth, in fact I think that I can comfortably say a couple of months. The tooth has now turned upwards but has not come out. We have felt it and it is certainly very loose however it won't come out.

What should we do? Do we just wait for it to drop on its own? Or should we be agitating it a little. Or should we just visit our/her dentist?

Any tips from parents who've experienced the 'first front tooth dropping' will be greatly appreciated.

Note: Now the other tooth next to it ( the other upper front tooth ) has already started to loosen.

Note: #2 I forgot to say, my daughter is 6 and a half years old!

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My 7 year old has crazy teeth. He had one of his baby front teeth pulled by the dentist because when the permanent tooth came down, it didn't take the root of the baby tooth out, so it was loose but wouldn't have ever come out on its own. He now has another tooth that has been loose for atleast 4 months. He went for a cleaning the other day and I was sure he was going to have to have it pulled but they told him to twist it every day and in 5 days it would probably fall out. He told them that he had been wiggling it but they said twist it and that would work better. Might be something to try.


answered 25 Feb '11, 21:08

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Thank you Dee, the tooth next to the really wobbly one came out yesterday, no pulling or tugging, so that was great and now the 'one' that was the reason for posting the question initially is hanging very loosely, so she can really twist it a little each day like you've suggested.

(03 Mar '11, 01:08) Emi

I can't tell you what a dentist would say but I remember my parents pulling a really loose tooth of mine when I was about that age. I'm sure that I was constantly agitating it myself with my tongue and then one day one of my parents (probably my father) just grabbed it and yanked it out. It was so loose there was no bleeding, or pain and I certainly wasn't traumatized in any way by the experience.

I'm curious as to what is your concern with letting it fall out on it's own?


answered 23 Feb '11, 12:34

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Actually I have no 'concerns' as such, but I would just like to know what other parents have yourself I recall having a wobbly tooth and being encouraged to pull it out. My daughters tooth has been rather wobbly since December, to be honest I can't remember whether my own tooth wobbled for that long. I have expected it to fall out, but it has't yet.
From a personal level I don't particularly like the idea of grabbing or yanking out a tooth, and don't feel comfortable doing that.

(23 Feb '11, 16:41) Emi

I've heard of parents giving their kids apples to help remove loose teeth.

I also remember one time I had a tooth get stuck between the teeth surrounding it. It was ready to come out but was wedged in and the dentist had to pull it for me.


answered 23 Feb '11, 16:59

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