Over the past two months, my daughter (31 months) has started stuttering. It was so gradual that it had to be pointed out to me. But now that I notice it, it seems pretty severe. I've done my research and I have a plan, starting with a trip to the pediatrician. Then, depending on how things turn out, there may be an evaluation with a specialist and speech therapy.

But now that I notice the stuttering, and especially during the times when she is struggling, it makes me very scared. This could end up fine or it could be a long road, I'm not sure.

My question is this: how do I stay positive if this turns out to be a long-term issue? I want my attitude to raise my family up, not bring them down.

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My daughter is wearing an eye patch for lazy eye. She often tries to cheat with it and scoot it over so that she can use her good eye to help her see better. When that happens we have to come down pretty hard on her. But we also try to remind that the progress she's made is because of wearing the patch, and while it's not fun, if she keeps it up, then eventually she will be able to see equally well with both eyes.

It's probably worse for my husband because he never had to deal with anything like this when he was a child. But I have ADHD and did not respond to medication. I had to learn to focus in class and on homework on my own. I'm also tone deaf in a very musical family - but I eventually learned to sing well enough to be in my high school choir and, later, Sweet Adelines. When I get worn down with my daughter, I have to remind myself of the difficulties I faced and the pay off that came from working hard. I also remind myself of how my parents never let me give up, they stayed strong and that helped me stay strong. Since I'm the parent now, I have to set the example for my daughter.


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I'm not sure how bad the stutter is, and I'm definitely no expert, so my experience may (probably) be of no help, but I know my daughter went through a phase of 'sort-of' stuttering which seemed to be more about thinking too fast (or too slow), rather than anything structural (she got stuck, repeating words, as opposed to half-way through words).

I would tell her to stop, first think what she wanted to say, then say it. It seems to have worked ok.

Definitely take her to the doctor and if necessary speech therapist. The earlier the better.


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