My pregnant friend has come to me with a simple question, but I really don't know the answer outside of my own experience. She would like to know what the best type of bottle is for a newborn. I, myself used Dr. Brown's, which I thought were really good- but too expensive- and that is as far as my knowledge of bottles go.

What are your experiences with different bottle types or brands? Do you have any recommendations I can pass on to her?

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asked 03 Mar '11, 13:21

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We experimented with different styles with each child until we found the right one for that child. The only specific I would recommend is the variable flow nipple, as opposed to a specific flow nipple. When we tried to use one for a specific flow speed, it was either too fast or too slow. The variable flow nipples let the kid set the flow speed.


answered 03 Mar '11, 15:17

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+1 Trying different bottles for each child. My twin sons each had their own brand of bottle as they took to different things. Every baby is different and no brand is perfect.

(03 Mar '11, 15:29) Shannon B

I like using glass bottles. So i started with Dr. Browns as well. They worked very well for me... esp. for the first 3-4 months when burping was an issue. And now I'm using evenflow glass bottles that I bought off Amazon. com. They are cheap and awesome.


answered 03 Mar '11, 14:16

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We had the bottles which came with the Medela pump (plastic), "Born Free" (glass) and "Nuk" (plastic). The Medela bottles had small nipples so we used them in the beginning, but she had a lot of gas/was burping as a result. The "Born Free" had larger nipples, so we used them a little later but had the same problems with gas/burping, even though they sported a system that was supposed to reduce it.

What really worked were the Nuk nipples (which also fit on the Born Free bottles we had), which had a visible extra whole on the side of the nipple to let the air flow in/out. So I would recommend those from experience.


answered 03 Mar '11, 14:20

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Meh. We had Dr. Brown's for kid #1 but all those little parts to wash were annoying.

Kid #2 got Playtex bottles with the Drop-In sleeves. I don't think she got any more air in her tummy or anything and they were way easier.

Of course, you're talking newborns. . . our kids were mostly breastfed at that age.


answered 03 Mar '11, 23:00

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