I have a Britax Group 0+ car seat bought in 2007. Does anyone know if the slightly older seats are compatible with the new britax belted bases?

asked 21 Mar '11, 16:01

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Phil Seller
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You would have to go to their site to see....also, they changed the Requirements of the car seats in late 2007. Your car seat may not meet the current requirements.

I say that....but I'm in Canada...if you are in the U.S. they may be different.


answered 21 Mar '11, 17:46

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Never the Ness
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That's a good point about location, as the original poster is from England.

(21 Mar '11, 21:30) Scott ♦♦

Car seat manufacturers recommend that you do not use a car seat the is older than a few years. An expiration date is generally stamped onto them. They all differ a bit. Also if it is new it is ok but if it was preowned even a slight fender bender that had no visible effect on the seat may cause it to fail in another accident. In the US the standard is never reuse unless you know it has never been in an wreck.

Also safety standards become more rigid all the time. Even a few years can make a huge difference in how they preform.


answered 01 Apr '11, 03:49

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Alicia Stuart
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