We typically have to dice it up and mix it in rice or rice porridge, but often he will still pick out the meat. On rare occassion, he will eat a piece of meat, but usually he just throws meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish of various types) on the floor. Any tips or advice to not just sneak more meat into him but get him to actually want to eat it?

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I am not sure exactly how old your toddler is but my kids at 12-30 mths were not keen on chunks of meat. From my observation of other families this appears quite common. I think some of the reason is they didn't like the texture and often it seemed that they would want to chew and chew on it. Now my son is nearly 5 he will eat most meat.

My tips are:

  • Cut any meat into small cubes
  • My kids would eat crumbed meat so crumbed schnitzel, chicken or fish. Especially with a sauce.
  • kids don't need to eat meat every night so if we were having steak then I would give the vegetables etc that night.
  • They would eat mince and sausages so we had those meals a bit. Sometimes I would freeze extra from those meals for them to have when were eating something I knew they wouldn't eat.
  • I would continue to offer meat regularly.

This websitehas some recipe ideas for babies and toddlers. I have a pamphlet with these recipes in it.


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Good point - a lot of very young children find meat hard work to chew.

(15 Apr '11, 12:22) Meg Stephenson

My son will sometimes eat meat if he has ketchup or A1 sauce to dip it in. And the few kinds of meat we know we can usually get him to eat, we try to keep around to have a little more often (i.e. we have tacos more than hamburgers, and I always have chicken nuggets in the freezer).


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With all food fussiness I have always found it useful to continue to offer it, but don't make a big deal, if they don't want to eat it they don't have to. Making a big issue about it usually just leads to them digging their heels in and having a tantrum. You can make sure he's having a good varied diet without worrying about the meat - there are plenty of healthy vegetarian kids out there.


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