We have been teaching my almost 10 month old son to self soothe at night, by using the cry it out method (heartbreaking). While he doesn't cry very long, he falls asleep folded in half, almost sitting, with his poor little head pressed against the side of the crib. I want to move him into a more comfortable position, but it almost always wakes him back up. My concern is that he will have a hard time breathing. Is this just SIDS paranoia? Should I leave him be? Will he eventually learn to fall asleep laying down comfortably?

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I think if he was that uncomfortable he wouldn't have fallen asleep in that position in the first place! If the position is uncomfortable enough to half-wake him, he will eventually roll over on his own, but probably not waking up fully... so personally I would just leave him.

SIDS is such a stressful threat (as minimal as it is) looming over us parents in our baby's early months, but since your little guy is 10 months old, try to take comfort in the fact that "Babies between 2 and 4 months old are most at risk, and 90 percent of SIDS cases are in babies under the age of 6 months."


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Try waiting longer for him to fall into a deeper sleep and then moving him. My 16 month old niece has to fall asleep in her parents' bed first and they wait close to an hour to move her to her crib. Otherwise, she wakes up.

And if that still doesn't work and your touch is waking him up, have him fall asleep on a receiving blanket. When he falls asleep, tug on the blanket to move him. Then slowly remove the blanket from under him when he's adjusted.

Some SIDS risk factors are:

  • baby sleeping on stomach - sounds like he's sitting?
  • babies who have soft bedding - mattress should be firm and the baby not sleeping on top of a down blanket

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Around 8-9 months both my kids started to sleep on their tummy's. Initially I tried to turn them back on to their backs; however, I would go back later and they were back on their tummy. I was concerned about the SIDS risk. I was told about the statistics quoted by DazedandConfused.


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