My daughter was a really good sleeper up until she was about 21 month old - now she tends to wake up every second night on average and wants me to hold her and cuddle her to sleep. We couldn't figure out any obvious physical reason.

Did anyone have similar experiences? How did you manage to teach your child to just go back to sleep themselves?

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We went through something similar with our daughter around 2 years. I know of other people who have had a similar experience. Our response was to go in and give her a cuddle and then pop her back into her cot or just rub her back. I would check that she hadn't lost her teddy. Sometime this was all she needed. Other times my husband would take her around the house and reassure it was all fine. We would leave her to cry/grizzle for a while after this. There were some occassions when we would let her fall back to sleep on us but this was the last resort for us.

This link and some other links on the second page has some helpful advice that might work for you.


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We also have a daughter (13 months old) who is a good sleeper. She's had a stuffed lamb that she loves and likes to cuddle with it to soothe herself back to sleep. Whenever she is having a rough night, we just lay her back down (she stands in her crib and cries and throws her lamb on the floor) put the lamb back her her hands and tell her it's time to go back to sleep. We keep repeating this process every 10 minutes or so until she falls back asleep (usually only takes 2 tries, sometimes just one) Maybe see if you can replace your cuddles with a stuffed toy or doll that your daughter can cuddle for comfort, she'll get the idea that it's up to her to fall back asleep on her own. MJ


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My son just turned 2 and he's been doing this for the past few months. We think it's night terrors or something. I got tired of sitting up with him because he would just cry again when I put him back down, so we just started going in and patting his back for a few minutes and then leaving. For a while he would cry for a few minutes after we left and then go back to sleep-- I think at first we might have had to go in for a couple of back rubs, but once he realized we wouldn't sit in the rocking chair with him he got used to it. Now he still wakes up and calls for us, but he falls back asleep as soon as he hears us coming. Wish I could do the same.


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I don't have a good answer to this, as none of mine have been brilliant sleepers at that age, but I just wanted to suggest making it easier on yourself by maybe putting a mattress on the floor in her room so that when she wants you to stay with her you have somewhere comfortable you can do it.


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