My daughter is lucky enough to have some school friends living in our area. This makes life easier and fun for them (and grown ups too sometimes) as we can be spontaneous regarding play dates once in a while. However I have noticed that although I love doing things with the children, if we are out and I am responsible for the children I feel like I become strict and even a little stern when the children behave a little off handle. This is the same if I have my daughter +1 friend (a boy), or my daughter + 2 friends ( a boy and a girl) + a helper.

I think that I have convinced myself that I would prefer to be known as 'the stricter' mother rather than having some kind of accident where the child in my care hurts him or herself...

I would like to know how people with multiple children, or who in some instances are responsible for children s friends, handle days out or play-dates, so I'd like to know.....

Are you able to maintain a certain level of control without being too strict?
Is the 6-7 year age group harder to control? Does handling boys seem much more challenging to me as a parent of a girl?

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I'd say the 6 to 9 age group is harder to control! And, yeah, if you arn't used to boys they are going to be more of a challenge. Boys and girls are different, (as groups, individually, some of my older boys female friends were a big challenge at that age too!), and you're just not used to boys.

I'm stricter with other peoples kids, too. With my nephew a common conversation was "Get down off that roof!", "My Mom lets me do it!", "Your Mom isn't here, I am, and I'm not calling her from the hospital, GET DOWN!"

I think it's normal to be a bit more carefull with someone elses child, nobody wants to make that call from the hospital.


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Good to know Neen!

(11 Apr '11, 23:50) Emi

With your own children you know what they are capable of, and what they are likely to do.

For example, I know that my three year old always stops at roads, so I am willing to let him be a fair distance in front of me on his scooter. Many three year olds aren't so road aware, so if it was someone else's child I would want them to be closer to me if we were anywhere near a road, so that I could grab them if they were about to step in front of a car.

So yes, I am usually stricter with other people's children, or rather, I am more careful about controlling their environment to make sure they are safe.


answered 15 Apr '11, 12:13

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