When our daughter started primary school last year, the topic of handwriting studies was discussed at great lengths amongst many parents. Most thought it not wrong to make 6 year old children concentrate on their handwriting as fine motor skills are still being fine tuned, others thought that the children would find it boring and lose interest in their lessons, and even some teachers were not that eager about it being introduced into the syllabus by the Ministry of Education. As we are approaching the final couple of months before the year is up, I can say that I agree with 'handwriting' being taught. With so much virtual stimulation all around from computers, electronic products, keyboards and smart phones...I personally am thrilled that my daughter is able to write in the way that she does. I can sense that she is also pleased with her own progress.

So overall my attitude was neither for nor against at the beginning, but now I can comfortably say that I agree with why they have introduced 'handwriting studies' into the syllabus.

What do you think about 6 year old children having handwriting studies and or what is your experience with this topic?

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I am not exactly sure what handwriting studies are in your context, but I guess just learning how to write fluently with a pen(cil) and making it look good?

I think it is totally fine to learn that. As you said, especially in modern times, where handwriting is not as predominant as it was during my school time, I think it is important to learn how to write. Writing is just so much easier and faster, if you just want to write something down. I struggle with the computer everytime I try to use it for this kind of stuff and have always come back to a notepad and a pen. Even small Todo or feature lists, like when you are talking to your boss/customer about how he wants certain things to behave etc. (disclaimer, I'm a computer scientist).

And how are you going to do this if you can't write properly?

I remember trying to write a whole line full of 'A's in primary school, making them all look the same and stay on the line. The paper nearly got torn apart from all the erasing I did, because I didn't think it good enough. Drove my mother crazy though, who said it was all fine the way I did it the first time :)


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