I might be travelling by car from Toronto to Montreal with my almost-two year old this summer. The drive is 6 hours long and we don't have a good record with my son in a car for any longer than an hour. He is an active and rambunctious toddler who loves to move and jump around--constantly (I wouldn't want him any other way)! I've asked other parents of toddlers how they've managed to go on long drives or flights without pulling their hair out and some have mentioned giving Children's Gravol to almost sedate the child. Though this sounds tempting, I almost feel guitly thinking about it.

Has anyone else done this before?

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Just anecdotally, I have heard the same thing from many parents. However, I have a friend who has an active boy and tried giving her son Gravol for a long flight and instead of sedating him, it had the opposite effect and made him hyperactive and irritable.

I can see being tempted, personally I would worry about side effects. Here's a drug fact sheet I found and they do seem minimal. Although, excitement is listed as a side effect for children.


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Having read the wiki (I realise not the best source in the world) page for Gravol, it says that the anti-sickness component of the drug commonly causes drowsiness, but they include a mild stimulant to counter this. Individual reaction will just depend on which effect is biggest.

(19 Apr '11, 08:24) pipthegeek

1) Drive by day and
a) stop frequently
b) go crazy
c) both
2) Drive by night and
a) Hope he sleeps
b) Hope you don't!


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