We have a ton of Born Free BPA-free bottles from our first child. They are about three years old and a friend told us we should replace them with new ones for our second baby. Is this necessary?

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Good question. I know we didn't replace ours... Did your friend have a reason or source?

(13 Apr '11, 19:07) Scott ♦♦

Apparently her bottles "smelled funny" and so she replaced them all...

(14 Apr '11, 00:57) blue

I just found this out. But I guess it makes me wonder if there is a shelf-life for plastic.

(14 Apr '11, 00:58) blue

All I can find is this (from the NCT website):

Worn bottles and teats need replacing, because it’s not possible to keep them clean.

I suppose that means that, so long as they aren't worn (in this case I suspect they mean like scratched or in other ways damaged) they can be cleaned and sterilised, so you can use them on any baby you like.


answered 14 Apr '11, 15:14

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I agree totally with your answer Meg, and the smell that blue has picked up on could probably also a sign that the bottles are worn out. My mother always warned me about picking up on odours from used plastic products.

(15 Apr '11, 15:38) Emi
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