I would like to know how other parents of 6-7 year olds deal with homework issues. When my daughter gets in from school she is normally a little tired and sometimes moody too. She has a school bus service that brings her home and the journey is about 40 minutes. So I understand that she can be groggy and even sleepy. I generally prepare a snack that she eats as soon as she come homes.

What I would like to learn from other parents is this; Is it better to have a routine for the homework so lets say it is done after her snack, or should there be spontaneity? (which is what I think is better) Homework will be part of her life for a long time so I don't want her to feel like it is a chore but that it is something that she will have to do on a regular basis.

Any ideas or examples of routines that have worked for you would be greatly appreciated.

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I hated it. So I'm not looking forward to when my eldest starts...

(23 Apr '11, 01:09) Benjol

My child is only young, but I am a teacher. From my experience, I think children thrive on routine. They need to know what they are expected to do and when they are expected to do it to avoid any uncertainties or conflict.


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@DazedandConfused this is an important perspective so I went ahead and changed your comment to an answer

(19 Apr '11, 11:11) Tammy ♦♦

Oh, ok, thanks!

(19 Apr '11, 14:01) DazedandConfused

Definite +1 on the routine

(19 Apr '11, 14:35) Alexander

When I came home from school (a 15 minute walk), lunch was always ready to be eaten and after that was homework time. No playing with friends or going outside until the homework was done. Business before pleasure. Works. Still does for me.

I stopped doing it like that when I was older and I can tell you, it is much harder to try and force yourself to stop doing something that's fun, to go do your homework (even if the homework is easy).

If the choice is between doing the homework before or after a snack I'd go with spontanity too, but only if those are the only two choices. I it's snack, homework or something else entirely and do the homework later, I'd not do it.


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Our older two (aged 7 and 9) get weekly homework - so it doesn't need to be done every day. We always get it pretty much all done on Sunday. We have a list of jobs that need doing on a Sunday morning, and this includes school homework, school spellings, music theory (for their piano lessons) and, for my elder daughter, cleaning out the mouse cage. Then, we remind them to get something off their list done at reasonable intervals.

My younger daughter tends to get hers done quickly, one thing after another, and then she's finished for the day. The elder one prefers to space them out, so we give her timings, like "At 11 o'clock you need to start a job off your list."


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