I just went to check on my napping four month old and she was sleeping with her eyes half open. It really creeped me out. What was more frightening to me is that her irises were slowly moving around and she appeared to see me but was obviously asleep. At one point she was somewhat startled but settled down. I tried to close her eyes by brushing my hands over them. They closed for a few seconds and then slowly drifted half-open again. I did a quick google search which suggests I shouldn't be overly concerned but I'm wondering about other's experiences. Anybody experience anything like this before? Our next Doctor's appointment is in a couple of weeks and I will definately mention it but would you bring it up sooner?

EDIT: Not sure if it is relevant but about an hour after I posted this she started vomiting and apparantly has caught the stomach bug her older sister had over the weekend.

asked 19 Apr '11, 17:02

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Wow, I thought all babies did that at about that age, all of the babies in my family do. All of my kids, all of my nieces and nephews. So, from my point of view, totally normal, but yeah, really, really creepy sometimes. (I learn something new everyday, I honestly thought everybodies baby freaked out their parents that way.)


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Thanks Neen that makes me feel better. I did read somewhere that it could be hereditary. My oldest daughter definately did not do that.

(20 Apr '11, 14:21) Tammy ♦♦

I know there have been times when I have slept with my eyes wide open. Other than some really crazy dreams where I could see through walls, I don't think it had a negative affect on me.

As for the eyes moving around, from what I remember of my college psych class that is normal in sleep. The REM cycle stands for Rapid Eye Movement and is I think the 4th stage of a normal sleep cycle. Again, nothing to really worry about.


answered 19 Apr '11, 22:53

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I assumed she was in REM sleep. However, it was always my understanding that the eye movements during REM were rhythmic and side to side. Her eyes were wandering around the room like she was looking right at me and following me but through me. However, now that you brought it up, it is not all that different from talking to someone in your sleep or sleep walking.

(20 Apr '11, 14:20) Tammy ♦♦
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