My 2 and a half year old daughter is absolutley petrified of her imaginary dinosaur and i dont know what to do or how to handle it. It's not just at night either, she refuses to stand on the floor because she is so scared and she wont go to bed now either. It's only just started around a month ago. I feel really bad as nothing I try seems to make her feel better. I've tried the getting the dinosaurs out of her room, telling her there's nothing there and even gave her a toy cow telling her dinosaurs are scared of cows. help!!!

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Interesting stuff, sounds like you've already had some good ideas - especially choosing a non-scary animal as the one that dinosaur should be scared of!

Have you any idea where her imaginary dinosaur came from? Maybe that is a line of enquiry that might provide inspiration - if it was on the TV, maybe watch it again with her?

Are there specific times or places where the dinosaur comes out? Is it just in her room? Maybe this is another way of her saying she needs to sleep with you a while?

Sorry I haven't got any miracle answers.

(My daughter once woke up screaming her lungs out that the "chicken is getting my bottom!". We spent days after that chanting "there's NO chicken!" She ended up finding it funny, but she's still a bit wary of birds!)


answered 28 Apr '11, 12:19

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Argh - we had a similar issue with imaginary monsters which came out of the wallpaper. Fortunately only in the one room, unfortunately in her bedroom. We went for the toy dog which would chase the monsters away option. Not sure how useful that was, she eventually stopped being worried about them. I think it might be an age thing, my daughter was about that age as I recall. All the things you've mentioned sound like good ideas. There's probably no point in trying to tell her it's not real, but if all else fails perhaps it's worth a try.


answered 07 May '11, 13:36

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