I have a 2 year old boy who needs to gain 4 lbs in 3 months. How do I get him to eat diner, he won't when I put it in front of him and he throws himself on the floor and throws a fit. Please help me.

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I can only talk from my own experience, but I have noticed that my almost-two year old definitely eats better before 5 p.m. than after. He eats pretty much all morning, a huge lunch and a snack after nap. Then sometimes he will eat well at dinner and sometimes not. It's the one meal of the day that is a shot-in-the-dark, we never know what will happen.

I can also tell you that he eats WAY better when my husband and I are sitting at the table with him, eating the same meal. He likes to copy us and eat the food the same way we do (utensils, dipping in sauces, etc.).

On the days he doesn't want to eat dinner we still make him sit at the table while we eat, but we dont' push the matter. Later, before bath time, we'll offer him a nutrient-packed smoothie to drink while he's playing.

P.S. When he throws his fit, ignore him and don't react. If you let him out of his seat when he throws the tantrum and give up on dinner, he will learn that this action will result in getting what he wants.


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Eating together is definitely helpful.

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KD I just tried to up vote your comment and look what happened ???

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It is my observation (based on my kids and other I know) that almost all kids go through this phrase. Is it just at dinner time that he is like this if so I would try offering more food at lunchtime. At 2,my daughter will eat more in the morning/lunchtime than at dinner. The topic has been raised previously. Here a few answers that might help:

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