Did you tell your children about Osama bin Laden's death? How much did you tell them? If you didn't tell them anything, why not? Did they seem to understand or were they uninterested?

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asked 05 May '11, 21:10

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Jerri Ann
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Tammy ♦♦

My son is 6, and I'd already told him something about the terrorist attacks (which, of course, happened before he was born).

So I told him about bin Laden's death.

He listened, but didn't ask too many questions, and I daresay by today he's completely forgotten about it.


answered 06 May '11, 21:29

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I told my elder two, who are nine and seven, partly because I thought it was bound to be mentioned at school so I wanted them to know what people were talking about. I told them that Osama Bin Laden was a muslim man who believed that God wanted the whole world to become muslim and that God wanted that to happen at any price. That he had therefore planned and organised attacks that killed lots of people, of a variety of religions and none, including muslims. And that now American soldiers had found Bin Laden and killed him. My elder daughter listened carefully and asked a few pertinent questions. My younger one ended the conversation with "so that's OK then" to which I said that Bin Laden was part of a larger group and that other people might carry on what he had done.

I didn't discuss the ethics of hunting down and killing a man, at that stage I don't think we knew he had been unarmed. It was a fairly quick precis before they went to school on Tuesday morning (Monday was our May Day holiday).

Apparently my elder daughter (9 yrs old) did then have a discussion in class about it, but my younger (7 yrs old) didn't. The class discussion was prompted by the teacher who asked something like "What event made the world a safer place since last time we were at school?".


answered 07 May '11, 11:40

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Meg Stephenson
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That comment made by the teacher makes me shake my head. That's the kind of question you ask when you want to create mindless consumer automatons. A great question would be: "Bin Laden has been killed. Is the world safer, the same, or more dangerous now? Discuss..."

(08 May '11, 22:17) Scott ♦♦

I completely agree Scott - we try so hard at home to get them to think for themselves, and then you get teachers like that!

(20 May '11, 11:05) Meg Stephenson

My kids are 5 and 2 so I did not talk to them about it. At this point it would have been over their heads. Had they been older and more aware of the situation in the Middle East I might have said something but I don't know.


answered 06 May '11, 11:23

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