Hi all, could you please help? My 2 year old daughter doesn't want to eat small pieces of food, she loves her puree. She can eat pieces of cheese, french fries, biscuits, chips, bread, rice, pasta, but refuses to have pieces in her puree or to eat pieces of ham, carrots ect in the pasta or rice. Tried the smiley face with tomato sauce and making food looks funny, it doesn't work. Tried making her help me cooking her food, doesn't work. She doesn't even want to try or if she does, she spits evrything back into the plate, and says it is not good. What can i do?

EDIT more information: She actually eats store bought puree. At the time i was starting to give her little pieces in her food,she was thern 11 months old, she got very sick and wouldn't eat a thing and lost weight. She would only drink milk. I then decided to get back to store bought puree that she loved before, she still refused until she got better. I was so happy that she would start eating again, that i gave her what she liked. Then, we started again to try homemade puree, she accpeted, then we would try adding small pieces and she would refuse again. Then, even though homemade puree would have no pieces in it, she would not accept them except for the ones with the sticker on. We tried putting the homemade food in the pot with the sticker, that would not work. We started all over again, she finally accepted the little pieces 3 weeks ago and it was going fine, for a few days. Then she stopped again. When i say it's that or nothing, she says, nothing. I tried to give her only pieces (carrot, peas, pasta, cheese and ham) and she doesn't even want to taste it. It is the same for sweet food. She only started wanting to taste cake, ice cream, lollypop ect., a few weeks ago. Should i be strong and tell her:"this is what there is, you'll get nothing else" and let me be so hungry that she would eat a few days later? But i am also scared that I might get the opposite reaction that i am looking for, and she might hate food... It is possible to start baby led weaning at 2 years old?

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Is her food pureed in a blender by yourself or is it store bought puree?

(10 May '11, 13:04) Tammy ♦♦

Some of the responses and linked from the following question might be helpful to you. http://moms4mom.com/questions/3518/baby-led-weaning

(10 May '11, 13:26) Tammy ♦♦

@elizamum I deleted your answer and added the information to the question.

(10 May '11, 15:13) Tammy ♦♦

It sounds like your daughter is displaying some typical two-year old stubborness. We are currently going through this ourselves (not with eating, but almost everything else). If I was in your position I might try the baby led weaning approaches, what can it hurt? You could also try making the bottled puree unavailable and seeing what happens?

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