I'm a 40 y/o brand new stay at home Dad. I had 0 experience with babies save for a family get togethers. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and also the most challenging. She recently has blown any and all forms of me putting her down for a nap. Now she just cries at me and says dadadadada and making sure I can see her face and in the process working herself all up. I started losing my patience, no, I lost my patience and put her in her room and closed the door. Well she just lost it. Making herself gag and throwing herself out and really sounds scared to death. What can I do? She's 16 months. She is a smart, active, intelligent beautiful girl. I find myself failing at most of the things I try to do. Especially napping. I know I'm supposed to be reading and keeping her mind active and body but I can't even accomplish the simplest of tasks recently.

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Hello, and welcome! I moved this to its own question so it will hopefully get some answers.

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You have a great enjoyable job as a 'Stay at home Dad' and although it is simply brilliant to spend that time with your wonderful child, it can be very very challenging, both physically and emotionally. ( I was also home for two years with my daughter and I can recall the frustration and guilt that I would feel when I was trying to get something done and couldn't succeed.)
Now looking back with hindsight I wished that I could have approached the whole thing in a more relaxed manner. (Also Moms4mom didn't exist in those days :))

I'll share with you what I have found has worked for me, and still does (she is almost 7) because I think that each of us has to do things in a manner that we are most comfortable with. I used different voice tones, looked at her directly in her eyes when speaking with her, held her on my lap and held her hand when telling her 'No' for something she'd done or wanted and couldn't get. For naps I would try and be pro-active ( and still do that today with bedtime ) I try and not wait till the tiredness has set in because then my daughter fights that, becomes irritable and basically goes into denial about the fact that she is tired and needs to sleep. (This happened when she was very young too like your daughters age)

I suppose that it is much more fun to be awake for children and that they probably may see sleep as a punishment if it is a case of them being over tired.

My advice would be to vary nap times and pre-nap activities slightly. Stay with her and comfort her, when her body relaxes she will probably nod of quicker, and try to remain calm.


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Is it just nap times? If so, are you still trying for 2 naps a day? At 16 months, she might be ready for one nap a day.


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Good point Kate

(25 May '11, 01:07) Emi
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