My 2 and a half year girl used to suffer with nappy rash when teething or when nursery didn't change her nappy as much as I would have liked, and she used to get sore girly bits. She doesn't suffer with nappy rash anymore and everyone is changing her nappy more regularly, but she is always telling us that she is sore down there, hates having her bum changed, won't even potty train and hates having nappy off too.
I did try and potty train her and am wondering if I have scared her by trying this and this is her way of wanting a nappy on, or could she be suffering with cystitis or something, or could it be something as simple as she has got used to being sore and telling us she is sore that she says it even when she isn't? Advice please?

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You may be dealing with two unrelated issues. If she is in pain and you are concerned about a medical issue I would recommend discussing this with your physician. Our daughter, who is 2 1/2 also use to have a sensitive bottom, and we often treated diaper rash. On one occasion, she had an infection, which required medical treatment. I imagine, like with an adult, it may be possible to have an infection without obvious visible symptoms?

As far as potty training, we are also in the midst of this. As I'm sure you are experiencing, toddlers can be stubborn at times. Many people with older children gave me the advice that my daughter would be ready to potty train when she is ready and it would be pointless to push her before that time. Although there is no way to know for sure without knowing your daughter or the specific situation it is unlikely that your daughter was scarred by you attempting to potty train her. That being said, when our daughter was being resistent to potty training, I occasionally had similar thoughts, so I believe the worries are probably normal.

There are a number of questions on this site specific to potty training that might be helpful to you.


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