I started shopping for a bed today for my daughters room. We want a queen size bed so that if we have company we could use her room too if we needed to. I am really stuck between buying a normal height bed and getting bed rails or buying a basic 'just off the floor' frame and going without the rails. Her room is carpeted with underpad so a fall from 6-10 inches high is barely going to wake her nevermind injur her. I am afraid that if I go with a normal higher bed and go with the rails that if she did manage to fall out (she is a crazy sleeper) then she would not be able to get back in. I am sure that she would fall out a lot more often though if she did not have the rails at all. Anyone have any first hand experience with this? Which way is easier for them and safer?

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My wife and I did both: mattress on floor, then bed with rail.

For the first year after her being in a crib, we just set up a twin mattress on the floor. There were certainly incidents early on when my daughter rolled out of bed. We found her sleeping on the carpet. That happened, oh, 3 times? She got better.

Once we were sure she was better at actually staying in the bed, we bought a bedroom set and raised that mattress up on the bed, and installed a rail. We haven't had an incident of rolling out of the bed (yet, knock on wood.)

I should also add that we have one side of the bed against the wall, so there's only one side to worry about. The drawback is that our daughter has learned to kick the wall when she's bored, and that wall is adjacent to our master bedroom. One time, I knocked right back and that startled her :-)


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+1 For advice about not knocking back :)

(17 Oct '09, 19:06) Emi

Having bed rails on a queen sized bed is frustrating and annoying to install/remove due to the larger weight and cumbersome nature of the mattress. We don't leave our child with rails for more than about 6-9 months, falling out of bed, while scary for the child, eventually stops and we've only had one or two incidents per child--at least those that provoked the child to call for us.

That said, with a carpeted floor, a basic mattress frame would more than suffice. Whatever technique your child uses to get into bed they will use also to get back into bed. If it is too high, a small stool near the foot of the bed is ideal.

If you do decide to go with rails, I strongly recommend the one-step-ahead brand (onestepahead.com) as they have generously replaced under warranty the hinges where the rails attach to the under-mattress part. They also changed the hinge design from plastic to steel. Very beneficial.


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