The now 2 year old is speaking very well, but doesn't get pronouns. He'll say, "Mommy pick you up" when he obviously means he wants me to pick him up. How do we help him get it straight? Saying, "No, you mean mommy pick ME up" seems to be just as confusing,

asked 01 Jun '11, 21:42

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My daughter went through the same thing with such gems as "I need to listen to you" and "I need to pick you up." Eventually she out grew it.

(02 Jun '11, 13:41) mkcoehoorn

My personal experience was never to use the word 'No' at the beginning of a sentence when trying to correct my daughter. I would repeat the correct version of what I thought she was trying to say, emphasizing the word/pronoun that was omitted, (with direct eye contact), and sometimes saying it more than once. This was not the case every time. I would try to have 'little conversations' with her when I felt she was more attentive.


answered 02 Jun '11, 01:56

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Even omitting the word "no" I don't feel like I'm helping him much. I am saying "no" too much though.

(04 Jun '11, 09:13) Anne

I understand what you mean Anne. Two is still quite early in my opinion and perhaps your son is still building up his vocabulary. Does he attend a nursery or creche?

(04 Jun '11, 17:26) Emi
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