I am thinking about potty training my son using our real toilet (with a child's seat insert & step stool), as opposed to a toddler "potty" that goes on the floor.

He already shows interest in the toilet, likes to watch mommy & daddy pee and then flush it all by himself. I THINK he would prefer to do it just like us on the same toilet, as opposed to a "potty" that mommy & daddy DON'T use.

Has anyone else trained this way or know of someone who has?

Do you think this will be harder for me than attempting to train on a potty seat?

asked 08 Jun '11, 09:29

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I wanted to try training with the potty seat first but eventually decided it wasn't going to work for us. I had a really hard time finding a step that was tall enough for him. I started potty training my boy a little before 18 months and it seems to me that most stores aren't setup to deal with children that short (he's 50% in height). So, we started with a potty chair. At 2 years, I've mostly transitioned him to a potty seat. However, I still have to make sure I help him get seated otherwise he forgets to point down. Just this morning I had a fantastic lake to clean up because I wasn't paying enough attention :) This wasn't as much of a problem with the potty chair because he can position himself back far enough that the splash guard takes care of most aiming problems.

Of course, every child is different. I don't think it'd hurt to try as I assume you'd eventually transition to a potty seat anyway so you wouldn't be wasting money if it doesn't work right away.


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None of our kids were trained on a potty, they all went straight to the toilet. We didn't train any of them as early as 18 months though. This was really an accident of our eldest though. We did try hom on a potty and he just wasn't interested. By the time he showed any interest in being dry he was too big for a potty. After that it just didn't occur to us to try the potty again with the next two, we just waited until the child seemed ready (which was fairly late for all of them) and then used the toilet.


answered 09 Jun '11, 12:43

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My two older boys both trained on the toilet too, but it was a fairly small toilet (short toilet, you know what I mean!) and they were both 2 1/2 so they didn't even need a step stool. My two younger ones use a potty because the W.C. isn't as convenient in the house we live in now. Neither of them have any problem using a toilet if we're somewhere else and that's what's available.


answered 10 Jun '11, 10:16

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