Another Toilet-Training question :)

I have a VERY busy little boy who is ALWAYS running around and playing on-the-go. I have to give him a few minutes warning that we will be sitting down to eat at mealtimes to prepare him that he will be buckled into his seat. Granted, he IS fine once he's seated and eating. However, there are very little times where he actually sits still to play. He even plays and rolls his cars around the floor when he's watching a t.v. show!

How do you get a child like this to sit on the toilet for training for longer than 30 seconds? I know I can try books, but what else is there I can use to entice him to sit for a while?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, as I will be starting this venture in three short weeks!

asked 08 Jun '11, 09:39

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(08 Jun '11, 15:36) Kiesa ♦

Do we have the same child? My boy is exactly the same. I stare in wonder at people in restaurants with sedate little boys. Never a dull moment, right?

(08 Jul '11, 12:16) Anne

My son is also pretty active. For us, TV worked really well as he didn't get to watch TV unless he sat on the potty and/or went. In fact, he figured out the connection well enough that he'd produce about 1 tbs of urine, watch a 15 min Elmo episode and then dole out another tbs so he could watch more after the first 15 min was up. Eventually, we cut Elmo down to 5 min so he wouldn't get an excessive amount of TV.

I know you said that your son is active even when watching TV. Is there a specific show that he really loves that could be saved for potty time? The moment my son got off the potty (if he hadn't gone) I turned the TV off so he learned to sit still that way.

When we're at a public restroom, I give him one M&M just for sitting on the potty and dole them out a minute at a time. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

I think the biggest thing is to stay relaxed and flexible because toddlers change so fast you may have to switch tactics several times during potty training.


answered 08 Jun '11, 15:34

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Kiesa ♦
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I particularlly like the last comment about staying flexible and chaning tactics.

(08 Jul '11, 15:31) K D

A few suggestions:

  • When we were trying to get our son to sit on the toilet long enough to do number 2's we used to read a book or two to him.
  • Another friend of mine would sing songs with her kids while they sitting on the toilet.
  • When we first toilet training my daughter we would also use treats, giving her a little marshmellow if she would sit there long enough to actually do anything.

answered 08 Jul '11, 15:29

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