Today I received an email from the director at our preschool that one of the students has head lice. She recommended that we check our child for the lice or eggs, and begin treatment if we discover anything. I have no idea where to even begin with checking my daughter.

Are there any good online resources or books for dealing with head lice?

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Looks like this page has some clear and straightforward info. First of all it has good info about how to check for them ("commonly found around ears, forehead, and nape of neck, and they lie close to scalp"). Also, if you do find any, it has information on treatments:

Head lice treatments:

Talk to your doctor: if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before treating children under the age of two if a person has a seizure disorder if the skin of the scalp has an infection

There are many products available at your pharmacy (talk to your pharmacist)

Buy a head lice shampoo or cream rinse from your drug store

Apply as instructed. Misuse and overuse could be hazardous

The products kill the head lice and many eggs, but a second treatment is needed 7 to 10 days after the first treatment to kill any newly hatched lice before they mature

Remove all nits by using fingernails or a nit comb

It is suggested that you limit shampoo use between the two treatments and in the week following the second treatment. This may allow the head lice product to work more effectively.

Check head for live lice daily between treatments and remove any nits that are still present (do this in bright light) head lice and nits are commonly found around ears, forehead and nape of neck - check these areas carefully

If live lice are found in the days following the first treatment, consult your pharmacist or call 416-338-7600

Check all close contacts (i.e. family and friends)

There is conflicting information concerning whether or not all nits should be removed after the application of head lice products. Toronto Public Health recommends the removal of all nits as:

head lice products are not 100% effective

removal of nits may minimize the hatching of eggs that were not killed and the spread of young hatched lice to other heads

it is easier to notice a new infestation if all nits are removed

If a baby or a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding has head lice:

Call your family doctor or Motherisk Program of the Hospital for Sick Children at 416-813-6780 for advice before choosing a head lice treatment product

If pregnant and treating others, wear plastic or rubber gloves


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I would like to add that in some recent cases, head lice seem to have become immune to the shampoos. Consult your doctor or pharmacy for alternative treatments (most effective is an oil treatment which suffocates the lice, and also causes no ill effects for the affected human)

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Round us it's generally agreed that none of the insecticide shampoos work. We all use the physical removal method. This means buying a really good nit comb (e.g. nittygritty). Washing your child's hair and then coating it thoroughly in a good conditioner before using the comb to find and remove any lice or eggs. It takes a while, and you need to be systematic about checking all the hair. The comb is pretty good at removing lice, but not so good for eggs.

You need to repeat the process at least once a week as it takes 8-24 days for a louse to begin laying eggs after it has hatched. Eggs are believed to hatch 6-9 days after laying. This way you disrupt the life cycle and eventually remove the population from your child's head.

The problem is sometimes that lice are being passed backwards and forwards between friends. I always find it easier to get rid of them altogether during school holidays when the population is isolated. During term time I usually just use this method to keep the population under control (my elder daughter's class is rather prone to headlice so I've had to do this 4-5 times now).


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Hi, I think this website might be good for you to deal with head lice on the students. Head lice is a common health problem and it does not tell the sign of lack hygiene. When the children suffer from head lice, you will notice sensation of something crawling, and itchiness, even red bumps happening on their scalps. If someone has head lice at the children's school, it needs to be treated immediately to stop the spreading. In fact, this help problem can be removed completely when they are spotted as well as looked after as earliest as possible.

In case, you cannot find any effective help, consulting doctors is a need to be given best advice.

Here is the link:

You can search on google: Home Remedies for Head Lice - Authority Remedies

Hope this help!


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