My 8 week old son is starting to refuse his bottle. He was having roughly 130 - 140ml each time but he was putting on too much weight and it made his reflux really bad. So we cut it down to only giving him exactly what he needs which is now 120ml. He was fine for a couple weeks but he's started to refuse at the halfway mark. I thought it was the teats so I changed bottles to give a teat thats easier to get the milk from but he still does it. I dont know what to do its driving me crazy.

How can I get him to drink when he either goes to sleep or cries as if he wants the bottle but even when its in his mouth he keeps his mouth open wide and searches for it. Please help me

asked 17 Jun '11, 23:45

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Is he on a reflux medicine? Has it's amount been adjusted for his weight gain?

(27 Jun '11, 00:46) Brysons Mommy

There have been a few questions like this in the past, perhaps some of the answers to the following questions will be helpful?

How often is he getting a bottle? I remember around this age, our daughters went from eating every 2-3 hours to every 4 hours or so. I also remember a time, when I realized that they did not need to be fed whenever they woke up. Perhaps he's not hungry when you are trying to feed him, and is snacking?


answered 18 Jun '11, 10:30

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Have you spoken to a health professional about this? It sounds like the sort of behaviour I might expect from a baby who was uncomfortable, possibly with an ear infection or a cold virus.


answered 21 Jun '11, 14:27

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