What age can a baby start having the cereal and other solids?

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I agree that you should consult your health professional. My kids were closer to 6 months before they had solids.

This link is to a PDF copy of a phamphlet I got from child health provider when my kids were tiny. If you scroll down to the top of page 2 it has some information on the signs your baby is ready for solids.

Note: Watties who have published are a baby food manuafacturer but they also sponsor parent education here in NZ.


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Seems like such a nice brand! I also noted that it states not before 4 months.

(18 Jun '11, 13:35) Emi

From what our doctor and other health professionals told us: Ideal starting point is around 6 Months, many baby food products start at 4 months. ---

To me, this is a bit like marketing beauty cremes to 20 year olds: they don't really need it yet, but if you get them hooked earlier, they buy more.

(21 Jun '11, 03:09) brandstaetter

There is well-researched and thorough information on starting solids on the excellent kellymom website. It gives the reasons why you should usually wait until after 6 months. Which include an immature immune system, that your younger baby's gut allows large molecules through, increasing the risk of developing allergies and illnesses if they are given other foods, risk of iron-deficiency, and more.

So unless there are really compelling health reasons to start your baby on solids before 6 months, you may want to wait.


answered 21 Jun '11, 14:17

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Meg Stephenson
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Hello Jacksons_mum

I think that what you are asking depends on a couple of factors. Your Dr. / Pediatrician / Midwife should guide you with regards to your newborns needs.

Each little baby is different and so are their requirements.

My answer to your question would be, yes it does seem too early to start on solids and I would also suggest that you consult your local healthcare provider who could offer appropriate guidance with respect to your little ones needs.


answered 18 Jun '11, 04:33

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