my baby is 3.5 months old he started sleeping during the night since 2 weeks but another problem issued, when he wakes up in the morning he plays for 30 to 45 mins and then starts crying when i hold him and walk he calms down and after another 45 mins he starts screaming and crying very loud some times i think he cannot breath at this point I have to sooth him by letting him suck my nipples although he's not hungry (noting that he refused the pacifier and the bottle) so he keeps sucking for an hour and I have to walk during this time tell he falls asleep so I put him down but he wakes up after 45 mins as a max and we start the process again and again, what shall I do as I cant leave him cry it out since his crying is not normal please help me

asked 23 Jun '11, 15:58

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I would speak with your physician. Our daughter was behaving similarly a couple of months ago and when I finally took her to see the doctor, it turned out she had a double ear infection. I believe the sucking helped relieve the pressure in her ears.


answered 23 Jun '11, 19:39

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I would defintely be talking to Doctor.

(25 Jun '11, 06:44) K D
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