I am a preschool teacher with Tons of Sign Language books but I cant find a online sign Language resource that I can Print the different sign from. Also Looking for recommendation on any sign language movies that are good and will keep kids attention. Thank you

asked 17 Oct '09, 04:13

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What country are you looking in? I've seen some websites give different signs for the same thing. As far as baby sign language goes, the UK tends towards Makaton, the US towards something else.

(09 Jan '10, 14:16) pete the pagan-gerbil

I agree it is hard to find a printable sign language resource online. I believe it is because sign language is a moving language and hard to acurately capture in a picture. I've always used handspeak.com as a refresher for a sign, but it is a video dictionary.

As for movies. My friend recently sent me the link for a series called Signing Time! She said that her kids love thes movies and that they are very engaging for her 2 year old as well as her 10 year old. I see that they have a classroom edition that might be useful to you. It includes some sort of lesson material as well, let's hope it would include some print outs that would be helful for your classroom!

Our family's personal favorite signing DVD's are the following:

I Can Sign Playtime

I Can Sign Animals


answered 17 Oct '09, 07:50

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Neither of these are tutorials, but they're great references and I found them helpful when signing with my son.

Aslpro.com is great, has an extensive dictionary with movies of people signing each word. Also check out ASL browser.


answered 17 Oct '09, 14:42

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I don't know of any online resources; however, we really enjoyed the Baby Einstein My First Signs DVD.


answered 18 Oct '09, 00:05

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Tammy ♦♦
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My daughter loves that one too. :)

(18 Oct '09, 06:15) Sabrina

Be sure to check out the Baby Signing Time DVDs. They're fun songs and hold our daughter's attention very well.


answered 08 Jan '10, 23:10

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Dennis Palmer
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I used Lifeprint to learn, and the guy has some drawn illustrations, but most of the time it's a photograph, or series of photos. This might come in handy if there's a sign not commonly found in the primers.


answered 11 Jul '10, 01:25

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