i'm looking for fun/educational/creative/playful activities that I can do with my 15 month old son.

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Since this is a "list" type of question, it should probably be marked as "Community Wiki", per the FAQ.

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Thanks Scott. Point noted.

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When my daughter was that age our activities definately depended on the weather.

When it was nice outside we, went for walks, played in the park, went to splash pad and wading pool. At home she has a water table that we played with often.

When playing outside wasn't an option we played with simple puzzles (teaching colors/shapes and eventually numbers and letters), went to play centres (these are run by the city) or indoor parks, read a lot of books, sang songs (many of these can also be very educational, teaching body parts, animals, counting etc...).


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Definitely the puzzles and books. Some other ideas.

  • Building blocks. It was probably around that age that our son first start to build with things. At that point he would make simiple towers or I would help him to make a tower. My daughter at that age liked a tower to be built to be knocked down.

  • drawing. To begin with I put the kids in the highchair for this activity so that we didn't have a huge mess. My kids still are required to keep such activities to the dining area.

  • My son's favourite toy at that age was a musical farmyard. He loved to play with the animals. I would play with him and we would talk about the animals and the sounds they made. He would also play with this on his own and while not talking he would make the sounds.

  • Basic imaginary play like tea parties, cooking, construction, cars, dolls.

  • Music, My daughter got a shaker and drum for her first birthday and they got a lot of use. I am not musical but would put a CD for us to play and dance along with.

  • Sandpit. A small container and a few toys can keep them occupied for ages.

  • cooking. Get them to help with measuring and stirring.

Interesting most of these activities my kids (3&5) still enjoy but in a different way.

Here are a couple of other questions that might give you a few ideas, but maybe not for a few months: playdough link text


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