Beyond keeping a blanket, pillow and cuddle item handy available, any suggestions for getting kids to nap in the car, particularly on multi-day car trips? (They don't make Dramamine for kids - I checked.)

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I am not sure how old your child is, but with our kids we stopped worrying about them sleeping during the day unless they wanted to if we were on a car trip. When our kids were small we did a number of 8 hour trips to the grandparents. Our son would often stay awake until about the last hour. We still do some long car trips. Instead I focus on keeping them occupied.

A few times we were travelling in the evening then I was more keep on them sleeping. When we would stop for dinner, after we had eaten I would put them in their pjs and do a shorten bedtime routine, give them a blanket and teddy. I think the dark helped them to sleep.

Here are few things that I have found work:

  • we have a few toys that only come out when we travel, one is a threading activity.
  • etchasketch, magnadoddle type drawing boards. I have couple of A5 size ones.
  • each of kids has a bag of toys. We have a rule if you drop your toy you have to wait until we stop for us to pick them up.
  • story CD's. We can borrow these from our local library.
  • stagger snacks. I say things like we will a snack when we cross the next river or get to the next town.
  • now they are about older we play games like Ispy using colours, or rhmying words, or looking for certain things like a cow or a red car.
  • I also have a plan of places where we can stop to run off energy but if one was asleep we might not stop.
  • I have my mp3 player so I can put that on and ignore the kids if things get to bad.

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For my toddler, I try to avoid talking with him when I'm trying to get him to sleep as well as avoiding eye contact (even in the mirror). Also, I've noticed he falls asleep faster if I play an informational audio book versus if I'm playing music. (I imagine news radio would work as well for him if the commercials didn't contain too much music, loud voices, etc.)


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You could try to time the start of your trip to coincide with normal sleep time and follow as much of your usual sleeptime routine as possible, just ending it with getting in to the car rather than bed.


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This is what we did (or tried to do, at least). It does help.

(29 Jun '11, 20:18) Scott ♦♦

If the drive were a day or less, this would be doable - and I have done it. But right now I am a two day drive from home and I'm dreading the trip back.

(01 Jul '11, 19:26) mkcoehoorn

What also helps is shielding the window so the sun won't shine in his eyes


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In Canada, our parents always drugged us up with Gravol. Interestingly, that is a brand name for Dimenhydrinate, which is also called Dramamine. They do make a children's version of Gravol, so I'm surprised when you say they don't make it for kids.


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The FDA may not allow it. I don't know the reasons but when I stopped and checked at a couple stores, I did not see anything that appeared to be made for children.

(29 Jun '11, 13:18) mkcoehoorn

On a related note, here's a question about Gravol and travelling with a toddler

(29 Jun '11, 14:18) Tammy ♦♦
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